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October 14, 2007
5:53 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

This dream occurred Sunday,October 14, 2007 very early in the morning in the night hours. It was very brief lasting only a few seconds, if that long. I had forgotten about it until receiving a response from Shawn about a dream he had about a very large earthquake occurring in California causing lots of damage.

I had a dream last night that the west coast of the United States shook. It was like seeing the entire land mass of the continental west coast area in a flat horizontal position with a large sky overhead moving back and forth in a rolling motion like waves traveling in the ocean. What it really means, I don’t know? An earthquake is one possibility.

October 24, 2007
9:05 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

An earthquake measuring 4.3 magnitude on the Richter Scale just hit Ridgecrest California, within the hour, about 127 miles northeast of Los Angeles Civic Center. See USGS website for more information, since the news media may or may not cover this quake.

This is similar to trends witnessed in Greece over the summer when wildfires burned out of control decimating vast areas of the country for more than 4 days starting on the weekend of Friday, August 25, 2007. Soon thereafter, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck Greece in the midst of the wildfires on August 27, 2007, followed by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake 4 days later on August 31, 2007.

October 24, 2007
6:45 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Unlike other dreams, interpretation of this dream has not been easy. The imagery and symbolism, while clearly understood, does not seem to lend themselves to immediate or easy interpretation. Should the wild fires be taken as a possible interpretation, then it would mean that California is not out of the woods as yet and that there may be other “waves” that may flow “over the land” in that region over time (flowing motion in the dream indicates time).

While the dream explicitly indicates that “the west coast of the United States shook”, I would discount the possibility of a major earthquake as one of the possibilities, since the dream did not provide any information to support a sudden or explosive “single” event such as a massive earthquake - it was more like a “wave” flowing back and forth that shook the west coast as seen in the dream imagery.

What is more likely is a “sea” of medium to small earthquakes (3.0 - 5.5 magnitudes) striking all over the west coast region on a continous basis over time, moving from west to east and back to westward coastal areas again before traveling eastward again, let’s say, over a given period of time. California has been experiencing a significant number of medium to small earthquakes since August 2007. However, this interpretation is somewhat weak because scattered or coordinated medium to small earthquakes does not represent an “even flow of the land in the west coast moving up and down” as seen in the dream imagery.

If the dream points to the west coast or California in particular, then we should expect to see one or two more or as much as three more “waves” of some sort flowing through the region by the end of the year - starting most likely near the sea or coast line - this is evident from the dream narrative where the “land waves” moved from west to east.

It is generally recognized in dream interpretation that the “sea” usually means a body of people. Revelation provides a similar explanation as well, which means that events could be on a “Biblical proportion” as with the recent wildfires.

In Jungian psychology the sea often relates to the unconscious, especially if the subject entered therein in the dream narrative, which did not happen in this case. Hence, a better interpretation would be to associate the sea with the film industry, since the sea relates to Neptune (God of the sea) and Neptune rules film, a form of mass (land) illusion for which the west coast is famous (as indicated by the sky been high in the upper part of the dream imagery taking up almost half the frame in the dream imagery).

Taking this line of thought one step further, it could mean that the film industry would move from coastal to eastern areas of California (Redands, Inland Empire, Loma Linda, Moreno Valley, Nevada, New Mexico, etc.) over time as a result of these fires or from the west coast to the east coast over a period of time as well (flow).

Land is more fundamental and most likely would relate to structure, food, security, housing, vegetation, harvest and things of that nature that relates to the land that has been severely affected by the wild fires in California.

Again, it is difficult to interpret this dream; hence, we will watch and see what happens throughout the course of the year.

BTW - a major 7.1 earthquake just hit Sumatra, Indonesia within minutes of posting this note. Sumatra, Indonesia experienced the massive Tsunami in December 2004. A Tsunami Warning is currently in effect for the Pacific region. Waves could possibly reach the west coast. Visit USGS website for more information.

October 24, 2007
11:26 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

lee olson

are you aware that the usgs is now reporting this quake in Ridgecrest to be 2.0 instead of 4.3? Please remark

October 25, 2007
7:14 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

That’s not correct. Please check again. Everything on the web says 4.3 magnitude for the California Ridgecrest quake from my web sources, including several news reports. Visit USGS again. Also go to Yahoo Earthquake News for updates, the Edinburg Earthquake Observatory and The World-Wide Earthquake Locator for additional news on this quake. Geoscience Australia (Australian Government) often provides data that conflicts with USGS for earthquakes occurring in their region in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. For example, USGS reported the NEW ZEALAND South Island quake of Monday, October 15, 2007 at 6.8 magnitude which conflicted sharply, without reconciliation, with GeoScience Australia that reported that same earthquake at 7.0 magnitude. There is a tendency, although not proven, for USGS to lean more towards understating major earthquakes occurring in sensitive areas as opposed to making a mistake in overstating them. But so far, on the California Ridgecrest quake all web and media sources seems to be singing the same song.

October 26, 2007
12:19 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

To follow-up on the point concerning the public’s perception of overstatement and understatement of earthquake magnitudes:-

With respect to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake reported yesterday by USGS, USGS downgraded that earthquake today to 6.8 magnitude while GeoScience Australia (Australian Government) maintains their report at 7.2 magnitude. GeoScience Australia is close to Indonesia and is one of the main bodies that record and monitor earthquakes in that region of the world.

Who is correct? USGS at 6.8 magnitude or GeoScience Australia at 7.2 magnitude. The difference is material and substantial.

Most people and media sources in the United States and the Western Hemisphere use USGS magnitudes, even if in doubt or downgraded. Few people, if any, would cross check or cross reference earthquake magnitudes reported by USGS with GeoScience Australia or any other sources.

Hence, the question arises, what is the true magnitude of the major earthquake that occurred yesterday in Sumatra, Indonesia?

Bear in mind that the magnitude reported for an earthquake has a direct impact on media coverage received. For example, ± 0.4 difference in earthquake magnitude can make the difference between getting strong news coverage or little or no news coverage at all.

What is the true magnitude of yesterday’s Indonesia earthquake? No one really knows?

Two highly respected and recognized seismology bodies in different parts of the world reported the same earthquake with substantially large variances of each other. This is clearly unacceptable, but no one is talking about it and there is little that anyone can do.

Either their methods for calculating earthquake magnitudes are substantially off or different, in which case they need to get together and harmonize their calculations and reporting methods and standards for the benefit of the public whom they serve, especially since in many cases emergency disaster response and relief services as well as aide is affected depending on earthquake magnitudes reported.

In some respect, it might be safe to add +0.2 to +0.4 magnitude to earthquakes reported by USGS, since there is an overall tendency on their part to understate or downgrade earthquakes over time, in this case by as much as 0.4 magnitude – almost a day later.

It would be good to learn from USGS as to why such glaring differences exist between the magnitudes they report and other sources, and why do they often downgrade earthquakes after they initially post them on their website, sometimes 24-48 hours later.

The public and media sources, to a large extent, are dependent on these government managed seismology departments, and we very much are at their mercy in getting accurate and truthful seismology information.

October 26, 2007
10:46 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

A German Seismologist reported that:

USGS is 90% correct
Australia is 40% correct !!!
Germany is 60% correct.

This should put some perspective on the differences and changes in magnitudes that we often see coming out of these recording and reporting seismology institutions.

October 31, 2007
10:42 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake hits San Francisco’s Bay Area in CALIFORNIA last night at 8:05 PM, local time, evoking memories of Shawn’s dream posted as a comment on this Registry on October 14, 2007 under Earthquake Dream.

November 9, 2007
9:12 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

We have had three earthquakes off-shore California over the past six days since November 3, 2007 measuring 2.9, 2.7 and 4.1 on the Richter scale. The last one occurred yesterday Off-Shore California at a surprising 4.1 magnitude on the Richter Scale. These quakes did not receive any media attention or reports on the web perhaps because of their size and the fact that they occurred off-shore California.

November 13, 2007
6:52 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA


Strong winds and storms are causing severe weather damage on the west coast of California and parts of the northwest USA. This skyward trend comes after forest fires destroyed many homes about three weeks ago. Last week’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake brought back fears of Loma Prieta earthquake (1989) raising concerns in the San Francisco Bay area. Over the past four weeks, a wave of natural disasters and events have plagued the west coast area. We will have to watch to see if these trends continue over the next four-eight weeks or come to an end soon.

November 19 , 2007
9:50 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

5.8 magnitude Earthquake struck off shore OREGON & CALIFORNIA, November 19, 2007 at 11:32 AM PDT today.

On my website, I predicted an earthquake to occur Off Shore California at 4.3 to 7.7 magnitude from November 3, 2007 to November 17, 2007.

To read this prediction that was reported to USGS Info Center on or about November 3, 2007, please see:


The “waves” in California that started with the forest fires seem to be coming every two weeks (i.e., in two weeks interval).

November 21, 2007
8:08 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

The recent oil spill in the San Francisco Bay area of about 58,000 gallons of oil is yet another wave that we see moving through the west coast area OVER THE PAST FIVE WEEKS. Environmental damage was extensive. Strong winds “from the sky” and tides (”waves”) made clean up difficult. Two weeks ago, a 900-foot container ship, the Cosco Busan, rammed into a tower of the Bay Bridge on November 7, 2007.

Will this trend of “ground shaking activities” taper off and come to an end or will we continue to see more unusual ground breaking events on the west coast over the next four to six weeks period?

November 24, 2007
4:40 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

According to the LA Times, ‘as many as 35 structures have been destroyed and hundreds more are threatened in Malibu as a wind-driven fire raced through at least 2,200 acres this morning in Corral and Latigo canyons, forcing the evacuation of 10,000 to 14,000 people.’

Wildfire broke out before dawn this morning. Hundreds of people were evacuated at 3:30 a.m.

According to the reports, strong winds (sky) fanned the flames.

The west coast has indeed been ‘rolling back and forth’ over the last six weeks.

November 24, 2007
8:49 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA
leeolson says:

I have been on various sites in the past month gathering items from dreams that seem to collaborate, or corellate with each other.

See if the following sums up all the dreams people have been having about water and quakes recently:
As things escalate, water will rush inland past a major resort. The metal running underground at the resort will break and become twisted and dangerous. Substances will get into the water supply that are toxic, and there will be no more decent plumbing. People fleeing fires will find themselves on a chunk of California that has broken off and is floating away from the mainland. It will be difficult to navigate the maze of dangers around some people, as they try to decide where to go. Does anyone who sees their dream in this summary know of any reason to alter the prediction?

November 25, 2007
5:15 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

This sounds like a movie script: are you a screenwriter?

What “things” escalated to cause this chain of events? Earthquakes? Floods? Tsunami?

‘Water rushes inland past a major hotel and twist the metal support beam. Toxic substance are released, plumbing doesn’t work and people fleeing fires find that they have no where to go.’ Is this a prediction or a summary that you gathered from the dreams of others? Housing seems to be a major theme and concern in this composite dream summary. House according to Jung relates to Self?

I don’t know if it is a predictive interpretation of all the dreams you researched from various websites or just a summary of many dreams posted about earthquakes and water.

As a story, it needs work; the ends do not tie together. As a summary of dreams posted on various websites, including this one, the tale is very interesting. It is normal for dreams imagery to shift from one thing to another as in your summary. The leap from dreams to prediction is automatic if it is a psi or clairvoyant dream, but if the dream is a symbolic narrative more work would be needed. I think your summary is fine as is. I don’t see any reason to change it.

November 25, 2007
6:19 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA
leeolson says:

My post was the latter: a summary gathered from the dreams of others. A tale that emerged from several dreams combined. Prediction is like art: everyone sees something different. You see housing. I see disaster. Anyway, I was looking to hear from anyone whose dream fragment was contained in my summary, and say they were sure it was just symbolic.

December 4, 2007
10:40 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

This just in from Associated Press on the storms (SKY) that are devastating northwest U.S.A. both yesterday and today. The symbolism of this dream of “the west coast rolling back and forth” continues to manifest itself throughout the west coast since October 14, 2007. Almost every 7 -10 days since October 14, 2007 a new calamity of one type or another slams into the west coast rocking it back and forth forcing people from their homes that involves the sky, land, water and fire.

We will watch the west coast to see how long these disaster trends continue as 2007 comes to an end.

Here is what Associated Press had to say in the New York Times about this latest west coast disaster:-

“Many people were without electricity Monday as hurricane-force winds and heavy rain battered the Northwest for a second day, blocking roads with trees, power lines, high water and mud. At least two people died.

Dozens of people stranded by flood waters required rescue as the second of two storms blew through the region.

Wind gusts of more than 100 miles per hour were reported along the Oregon coast, with the highest reading, 129 m.p.h., at Bay City, the National Weather Service said.

Flooding forced the indefinite closing of Interstate 5, the main route between Portland and Seattle.

Mudslides halted Amtrak service between Eugene, Ore., and Vancouver, British Columbia.

“This storm is hitting the coast so hard, it’s not leaving any road open,” said Christine Miles, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Transportation

Most major roads in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties in western Washington were closed.

“In 30 years of law enforcement, it’s as bad as I’ve ever seen,” said Sheriff Michael J. Whelan of Grays Harbor County.

Communications were so tenuous that it was impossible to determine how many people had been forced out of their homes, said Abby Kershaw of Oregon Emergency Management.

Pacific Power reported 40,000 homes without electricity in Oregon. And more than 80,000 people lost power in Washington, said that state’s governor, Christine Gregoire.

According to the Weather Service, the first “wave” of severe weather in the Northwest, which hit Sunday, was expected to reach the upper Midwest with snow Tuesday.”

December 5, 2007
8:34 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

With respect to the initial interpretation of the dream discussed above about the film and television industries moving eastwards toward Redlands, Loma Linda, New Mexico and elsewhere, it is becoming clearer that what is meant here with respect to “the land of the entire continental west coast of the United States moving back and forth like a massive ocean wave from west to east under a great sky,” is that film and television coverage of these natural disaster events will, for the most part, be restricted to the west coast region. We here on the east coast of the United States get very little film and television coverage of what is happening on the west coast in terms of the “waves” of natural disasters striking the west coast region over the past seven (7) weeks. As many know, local news in all regions of the country has, for the most part, replaced comprehensive national news coverages.

December 8, 2007
11:06 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

After months of negotiations with major US insurance carriers operating in the State of California, the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) has ceded to private sector pressures and has taken over the provision of earthquake insurance to California home owners at higher premiums for far less benefits. Many who could have afforded earthquake insurance on the west coast perhaps cannot do so under these higher premium arrangements. This could cause a steady movement of people living on the West Coast of the United States to move eastward settling in the safe heavens of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and the like where they may be able to better afford or obtain earthquake insurance. In the event of a major earthquake catastrophe, those that can’t afford to move or relocate to safer heavens beforehand will bear the brunt of catastrophic losses with little or no federal or state assistance as in the case of Katrina. This would further deteriorate an already weak housing market. The impact on people’s lives and the economy would be significant! Click on Aurora1313 immediately above to learn more!

December 11, 2007
10:39 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Last week Monday, December 3, 2007 was a quiet day for earthquake activity all over the world. After calm sometimes comes a storm!

On Sunday, December 9, 2007 a huge 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck South of FIJI ISLANDS in the South Pacific. This earthquake released a lot of energy on the Ring of Fire, bringing global earthquake activity to a virtual standstill, especially on the west coast of the United States. Again, all quiet on the western front!

Within 48 hours from Sunday evening west coast time and today, December 9-11, 2007, three (3) earthquakes struck off-shore California at magnitudes 4.6, 2.9 and 2.6 and a fourth occurred 26 miles off-shore LOS ANGELES at magnitude 2.6 as well.

December 11, 2007
11:31 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA
Larry & Sharon Yost says:

Is the news media really awake to the WORLD at risk?
How can items like this go unreported? Do we only report after effects of disasters?
Isn’t this a futures clue?

December 12, 2007
10:36 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

The 4.6 earthquake that occurred yesterday off-shore California, December 11, 2007, 11:17:21 AM PDT has been quietly upgraded by USGS to 4.8.

December 12, 2007
9:11 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Magnitude 5.6 earthquake just struck off-shore the west coast of Canada within the past hour near Queen Charlotte Islands. This is the fifth earthquake to strike off-shore the west cost of North America since Sunday, December 9, 2007. Click Aurora1313 immediately above for more information.

December 13, 2007
1:37 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA
leeolson says:


I can see you were right about the West Coast rolling back and forth”. Thanks for keeping on top of this; I think some other dreams from this fall, about plumbing, poisoned water supply, and twisted structures with metal sticking out may be the next outcomes of this same situation. Here in the midwest, we aren’t getting any news about the West Coast either, except some stories of the Dec 8 storm and sinkholes. Nothing else. Maybe constant earthquakes on that coast are so common no one thinks anything of it?

December 14, 2007
12:17 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA


Thanks for the encouragement. I agree!

Tonight in the Midwest, Arizona and much of the West Coast of Central America, USA and Canada you can go outside to see the last night of a grand meteor shower coming from out of an area of the constellation of Gemini that is not visible on much of the East Coast due to bad weather conditions (snow, sleet and freezing rain).

To learn more about this meteor shower see Space.com website at:


Mercury rules Gemini in astrology, which is presently in Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac (Scorpio in the Sidereal) which is almost on the opposite side of this meteor show.

As noted in my Opinion on the earthquake dream webpage at CelestialAffairs.com, (click on Aurora1313 immediately above to go there), celestial events other than eclipses, North-South Moon Node positions, etc. do trigger major earthquake as was the case with the grand cosmic explosion of a gamma ray flare expanding from SGR 1806-20 and impacting Earth’s atmosphere that brightened the sky for no more than one-tenth of a second (brightest in recorded history) on December 27, 2004 (GMT), which in my opinion influenced-triggered-caused the 9.2 magnitude earthquake at Banda Aceh, Indonesia on December 26, 2004 (local time).

See: NASA website for “Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History” or cut and paste:-


My estimate is that we will see a major earthquake by tomorrow somewhere in the world perhaps at 7.0 magnitude or above, or perhaps within the next four days that would be triggered by this meteor shower coming out of Gemini.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius which is conjuncting Pluto and Jupiter in the Sagittarius in full alignment with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy that is at about 28° of Sagittarius. This means that if we do get a major earthquake over the next four days it should be a Big One!


NEW MADRID FAULT LINE: Possible locations would include Canada and the Midwest around the New Madrid fault line, Tennessee comes to mind, but I do not expect any Big Ones there; perhaps 3.1 to 5.3 magnitude.

Following that line south, Florida, Northwest CUBA, Georgetown, CAYMAN ISLAND and David, PANAMA are likely places, as well as on the other side of the world at Urumchi to Yumen, CHINA, Mandalay and Rangoon, MYANMAR (BURMA) and Padang, INDONESIA.

INDONESIA and Off-Shore the West Coast of PANAMA are likely places to experience earthquakes of magnitudes 5.5 to 7.0 or greater tomorrow with stronger emphasis on the former than latter.

An astro-location that I am watching with keen interest is Denver, Colorado, only because it is the city chosen for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Denver, Colorado sits directly on the Ascendant of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Leo that occurred on September 11, 2007 at 8:44 AM, EST. If a major earthquake strikes Denver, Colorado anytime before the Democratic Convention in August ’08 at 4.4 magnitude or greater, it might mean that Barack Obama, born in earthquake sensitive Hawai’i, will ascend to the leadership of the Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention scheduled for August 25-28, 2008 – we will watch to see if such events develop.

The closer such an earthquake occurs to the Convention date, the stronger Obama’s influence will be. It is possible to have more than one earthquake in or near Denver, Colorado over the next two years, because it is on the Ascendant of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo (Tropical Zodiac) and Leo (Sidereal Zodiac).

I have tentatively calculated a possible date and time for major earthquakes influenced by the meteor shower coming out of Sidereal Gemini (Tropical Cancer). It is Friday, December 14, 2007, 11:20:32 AM MST, -7 hours GMT-UTC ± four (4) hours. Whether or not this earthquake occurs within this very specific timeframe will aid in understanding earthquakes vis-à-vis celestial events.

Another possible date is CHRISTMAS EVE, December 24, 2007 at about 9:53 AM, MST at -7 GMT/UTC plus or minus 24 hours, since this date and time is somewhat at the extreme point of cosmic influence.

The two key dates are:-

Friday, December 14, 2007, 11:20:32 AM, MST ± four (4) hours.

Monday, December 24, 2007, at about 9:53 AM, MST ± twenty-four (24) hours.

Or anytime within this 10 days period.

There is a Saturn line off-shore the west coast of the USA & Canada that is triggering a lot of off-shore earthquake activity in California, Oregon, Vancouver and the west coast of Canada, more so now than usual.

Because Mars in Cancer (ruled by the Moon) retrograde trines Pallas Athena in Pisces (ruled by Neptune); it is quite possible that the U.S.A. will not be affected tomorrow because of this positive relationship. But this relationship does not hold true under the Sidereal Zodiac on December 24, 2007 when Mars in Gemini at 8° and 42’ retrograde will oppose the Sun in Sagittarius at 8° and 31’. Should a major earthquake occur on December 24, 2007, it would cause much decease and illnesses.

Checkout the meteor showers going on now in the midwest’s night skies as we speak and make a wish! It should be fun!

In the old days people thought that meteor showers meant that the stars were falling and that the world would come to end. People no longer believe that anymore! Today, we are postulating that meteor showers and comets can perhaps influence or trigger earthquakes. No too far off I suppose.

December 14, 2007
4:48 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

A huge, perhaps, massive earthquake is about to strike the west coast of North America, perhaps off-shore or on-shore, but near land on the coast line for sure! San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver, Canada should be aware and prepare. Date, time and magnitude are uncertain at this time. But if this earthquake does happen, it will be huge!

December 19, 2007
11:56 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Last night the Sun came into alignment with the Galactic Center on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 at 10:41 PM, EST (GMT-5) about eight hours after Jupiter entered Capricorn on December 18, 2007; 2:19 PM EST (GMT-5). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

This gives us a very power Sun-Jupiter-Pluto-Mercury conjunction challenging Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo that pulls in opposite directions. This configuration promises spectacular earthquakes and other earth bound phenomena.

Yesterday’s alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Center triggered a wave of earthquakes on the west coast of North America as well as in the Caribbean (for example 5.4 magnitude in the British Virgin Islands at 9:57 PM local time).

Added to that, last night and this morning we witnessed magnitudes 7.2 and 5.4 striking Alaska at December 18, 2007; 11:30:30 PM and 2:30 AM, respectively, with after shocks continuing at this moment.

In Southern California, we witnessed magnitude 4.0 earthquake early this morning (December 19, 2007) at 4:14 AM, PDT, that was 73 miles east of Los Angeles.

After a relatively week-long calm, the Big Island of Hawaii registered two earthquakes yesterday, December 18, 2007, at magnitudes 2.8 and 2.6 with respect to the timing of the Sun-Galactic Center alignment.

Last night’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Alaska occurred within 50 minutes of the Sun’s alignment with the Galactic Center located at approximately 26 degrees Sagittarius and 51 minutes in the Tropical Zodiac – you cannot get a more accurate timing than that!

Thereafter more earthquakes occurred mostly in the Western Hemisphere and may continue over the next few days - at least until tomorrow when the Sun will conjunct Pluto, December 20, 2007 at 7:05 PM EST (GMT-5).

The period of Tuesday, December 18, 2007; 10:41 PM, EST to Thursday, December 20, 2007, 7:05 PM, EST sets broad parameters for much of the earthquake activities that we shall experience in the world this week.

New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2007 promises many surprises when the planet Mars retrogrades out of Cancer into Gemini on December 31, 2007 11:33 AM, EST (GMT-5). Mars entry into Gemini may enliven things a bit, triggering new wave of earthquake activities until March 4, 2008 when Mars re-enters Cancer going direct.

December 25, 2007
4:45 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

A large 7.1 and 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska last Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 11:30 pm - the tsunami warning issued was cancelled on Dec 19th since the waves generated were not life threatening; very few reports are in the news media. An 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska in March 1957 that caused severe damage from a 40-foot tsunami wave that smashed the Alaskan and North American coastlines. On Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2007, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck Off-Shore OREGON. On Christmas Day, a 2.9 earthquake struck Off-Shore northern CALIFORNIA at 10:38 AM west coast time. Click Aurora1313 to learn more.

December 26, 2007
12:27 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Gale-force Santa Ana winds peaking at 112 mph whipped through Southern California on the Eve of Christmas and on Christmas Day knocking out power for over 13,000 residents of which about 10,000 were residents of Los Angeles living mostly in the San Fernando Valley. Bel Air, Hollywood and West Los Angeles were also affected. California Authorities said a red flag warning - which signifies heightened risk of wildfires - was issued for San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Hurricane force Santa Ana winds gusting up to 102 mph in Whitaker Peak and 78 mph in Malibu Hills knocked out power lines on night of Christmas Eve. According to eFluxMedia news website, “the hot, dry Santa Ana winds usually sweep through southern California and northern Baja California in late fall and winter. The winds normally last a day and a half, but this winter have been unusually extended, experts said. In October [2007] fierce wild fires fueled by these winds ravaged Escondido, Malibu, San Marcos, Carlsbad, Rancho Bernardo, Poway San Bernardino, San Diego and Los Angeles.”

With respect to the interpretation of this dream that occurred on October 14, 2007 (see above) that showed the entire land mass of the west coast of the United States rolling back and forth like a watery wave, we will continue to watch news events on the west coast that seems to indicate that the West Coast is experiencing a natural disaster of some sort every 7-14 days with winds from the SKY playing a major role.

January 1, 2008
7:48 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

70 miles per hour winds barreled through canyons and passes of Southern California on New Year Eve and New Year’s Day affecting Ventura County northwest of Los Angeles. The winds whipped across I-5 and I-15 highways toppling a big rig and forcing other trucks to pull over in the island region to the east. Red flag warnings for fire danger were issued through Tuesday. Meteorologists said that the winds were generated by strong high pressure over the Great Basin. Temperature on the Santa Monica Pier reached 76 degrees yesterday, breaking the old record high of 74 set exactly twelve (12) years ago on December 31, 1995. A major change in the weather pattern is expected over the Eastern Pacific of Southern California starting Thursday, January 3, 2008 – the date of the Iowa Caucuses for the U.S. presidential elections.

January 5, 2008
6:58 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

BBC News reported that “A winter storm is sweeping California, battering the state with heavy rain and high winds, and dumping snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains. At least 440,000 people were left without power from central Oregon to Washington State, roads were closed and flights cancelled at some airports.”

The Associated Press reported that “Flash flood warnings were issued for most of Los Angeles County and home-owners have been protecting their property with sandbags and hay bales. A levee break flooded hundreds of homes Saturday as the storm that has pummeled the West Coast with high wind and heavy rain. Thousands of people had no power in three states and thousands more had been told to leave their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California.”

Government officials worry that conditions could grow worse if bare fire scorched hillsides receive heavy rainfall; they say it will trigger mudslides in those areas as well.

More than “one million homes” are without power in California.

The US National Weather Service said that up to 44 inches of snow fell in some parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Trees and power lines came crashing down as winds of up to 80mph battered the state, along with heavy rain.

Flash-flood warnings were issued in canyon burn areas in Malibu and in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Riverside and San Bernardino counties, east of Los Angeles, deployed swift-water rescue teams as a precaution.

Four major earthquakes struck the west coast of British Columbia, Canada today near QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS 143 miles from Canada’s coastline. The magnitudes were two 6.7 (revised to 6.5), one 5.6 and one 5.0. These earthquakes started January 5, 2008 at 3:01 AM PDT or 6:01 AM EST. Alaska and West Coast Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a Tsunami warning for the west coast region.

The west coast continues to roll back & forth.

We had hoped that the manifestation of this dream would stop by now, i.e., by the end of 2007, but this trend has apparently carried over into 2008. If this trend continues, then within two weeks from now after these deadly storms have passed another major natural disaster event may strike the West Coast of North America again, particularly in Southern California. We hope that these trends, that started in October 2007 shortly after this dream was posted, subside and cool down to give California a break and some relief.

If another natural disaster event involving the SKY does not occur within the next 10 days to two weeks in California or somewhere on the west coast of North America by January 13-31, 2008, it might mean that these trends have indeed stopped or subsided. We hope they do.

January 6, 2008
10:22 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

According to the Associated Press, “a canal ruptured early Saturday (morning at 4:30 AM, PDT) after heavy rainfall, pouring 3 feet of near-freezing water into about 800 homes and stranding about 3,500 people, authorities said.

A 30-foot-long section of the Truckee Canal broke shortly before 5 a.m. in the desert agricultural town east of Reno, officials said.

No injuries were reported.”

January 14, 2008
10:53 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Energies of the Sky Moves North to Washington State & Canada

West coast natural disasters and skyward activities that we have been monitoring since October 14, 2007 have moved north to Vancouver, Canada near the US border, which is a little north of Seattle, Washington, USA.

Given trends that started in mid-October 2007 as documented on this web page, it is likely that these skyward trends involving the Santa Ana winds, storms, wild fires, tornadoes, etc. may continue until the vernal equinox of March 20, 2008 (spring), but this estimation is merely an “educated guess”, it is not a prognostication of what might really happen. In this regard, we merely have to watch and see.

To date, natural disaster events involving sky activities have been consistently occurring on the west coast of North America in different shapes and forms every 7-14 days since October 14, 2007 – the date of the flash dream motif that envisioned the west coast rolling back and forth

In the most recent event, a Vancouver woman, Connie Storey, was swept off her feet last Thursday about noon on January 10, 2008 in her Hazel Dell community and thrown through the air for a full 15 seconds in a cyclone fence during a rare northwestern tornado that started at Vancouver Lake, causing much damage and destruction in the aftermath – no deaths or injuries were reported.

KIROTV.com reported that the freak storm burrowed a 4 mile path through Vancouver area ripping off roofs, overturning a tractor-trailer, snapping power lines, toppling trees and shooting debris high in the air. 800 people lost power.

It has been 36 years on April 5, 1972 that a tornado touched down in the Vancouver area, which at that time killed 6 people and caused $3 million in damage. The National Weather Service detected last week’s Vancouver tornado but were unable to provide a confirmed wind speed estimate.

The last funnel clouds and twisters in the area were in Tacoma, June 1996 (rated F-0), April 1995 (dark clouds) and May 2004 (three funnel clouds spotted in three different areas).

Click on Aurora1313 immediately above to learn more about earthquakes occurring off-shore California, Oregon, Washington State (2.9 magnitude occurring yesterday, January 13, 2008, at Mount St Helens Volcano), British Columbia, Canada and Alaska.

January 25, 2008
10:26 AM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

Rain plummeting Southern California since Thursday, January 23, 2008 is expected to get worst over the weekend as three (3) low pressure systems move in from the Alaskan arctic north to bring much rain and snow to central and southern California. Estimates of snow surpass yesterday’s expectations announced by the National Weather Service around mid-day, EST. Highways have been closed and flooding is a major problem for much of the southern California region. (Temperatures plummet again last night to zero and below in many areas of the mid-west that has been in a deep freeze for much of this week.) Snow fall around I-80 near Mount Shasta in California has increased and may get worst over the weekend. According to the National Weather Service these SKYWARD trends shall continue on the west coast region for much of next week. Interstate-5 around Redding has been closed due to snow and bad weather.

Three low pressure systems (L) are predicted by the National Weather Service to wander in successive order from the Alaskan arctic north along the southern and northern west coast Pacific shore lines of California generating heavy rainfalls and SNOW throughout much of Central California for much of this weekend going far into next week.

It seems that trends that started mid-October 2007 is likely to continue taking new forms in each expression but always expressing an element of the SKY impacting much of the west coast region as earlier suggested by this dream motif. Active forces include low pressure storms now moving in from the Alaskan north arctic region, the Santa Ana winds, wild fires, tornadoes, etc. These trends may continue until the vernal equinox of March 20, 2008 (spring), but again this estimation is merely an “educated guess,” it is not a prognostication of what might really happen.

California and much of the west coast region has been experiencing bad natural disaster events expressed through bad weather, fires and storms every 7-10 days since October 14th, 2007, yet none of these events repeat themselves on a “rational” or “scientifically” consistent basis as many would like or expect in order to develop a full appreciation of the phenomenon.

The next major event coming to the west coast region in the next 2-3 weeks may involve elements of the SKY, but is as unpredictable as long range weather forecasting is itself. The only consistency that we have witnessed since mid-October 2007 is a constant flow of events that brings California and the west coast region into the news every 7-10 day period.

To date, natural disaster events involving sky activities have been consistently occurring on the west coast of North America in different shapes and forms every 7-14 days since October 14, 2007 – the date of the flash dream motif that envisioned the west coast rolling back and forth.

January 25, 2008
2:06 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

It appears as if the snow “party” is just beginning in Central California…

February 24, 2008
10:33 PM, EST
West Coast Rolling Back And Forth Aurora1313 USA

According to FOXNews, authorities helped hundreds of motorists stranded in the snow at Tejon Pass in Central California after a powerful snow storm forced the closure of California’s major north-south interstate in the mountains north of Los Angeles. According to FOXNews: “Traffic was halted … in both directions on Interstate 5 in Tejon Pass, which rises to an elevation of 4,144 feet between the Los Angeles Basin and the San Joaquin Valley. Early Thursday, January 24, 2008, a commercial inspector for the California Highway Patrol said CHP officers and Caltrans workers still were escorting down from the Pass area “hundreds” of motorists stranded by the snow and roadway closure.”

FOXNews reported on Friday, February 15, 2008 that a surprise storm struck San Diego County, California with snow and rain, stranding as many as 500 motorists on a mountain freeway and pouring mud down onto another roadway but causing no major damage or injuries.

Neighboring Nevada experienced magnitude 6.0 earthquake on Thursday, February 21, 2008 and 4.3 magnitude earthquake on Friday, February 22, 2008 with shock waves continuing into this weekend. Highway 88 over Carson Pass near Lake Tahoe, Nevada was closed this morning for nearly 2 hours after a snow avalanche trapped two vehicles.

USAToday reported that a powerful storm dumped 29 inches of snow over in Central California today, while rain plummet northern and southern California. The National Weather Service expects snowfall to reach up to four (4) feet or 48 inches this weekend. According to California Department of Transportation, Interstate EIGHTY (80) over Donner Summit was closed for over FOUR hours because of high winds (SKY) and poor visibility.