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January 27, 2008
8:00 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

I saw this one as plain as day lasting far less than a second. I felt the energy. It was not good - it moved my soul. Spiritual people around the world should pray. This one will happen. Where and when I do not know, but perhaps very soon? No interpretation is offered since this dream is self-evident.

Today, on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at about 4:00 AM EST very early in the morning, I dreamt, i.e., saw in my dreams, a great mighty wall of brown, dirt-filled water bubbling at every dimension of visibility, with large and small bubbles, rushing forward at a great and mighty speed. The wall of water rolled forward like a mighty tsunami maintaining its wall-like status along the way, not breaking into a wave that would allow one to see over the wall or beyond the horizon. Although I cannot estimate the height of this wall of brown, dirty, bubbling water, which was very high indeed, if I were to make an awake-state “rational” guess, I would estimate the wall of water to be at about 15-30 feet high, but again I really do not know its height at all! Immediately after the dream I felt that this was NOT a tsunami, and certainly not a WAVE of those forms. What it is I do not know? Your imagination can take it from here!

As to place, date and time, I do not know but could use astrology based on the date and time of the dream to figure out where, when and how? For the time being, let your imagination soar as we watch to see the outcome of this dream!

January 27, 2008
8:26 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA
  1. Larry & Sharon Yost says:

    The brown dirty bubbling water has to have a significant meaning but I do not know what it might be yet!

February 8, 2008
1:39 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA


Their was a flood thing going on in Dominican Republic there was mud floods everywhere and people were left with no water …. you might have sen this before it happened im not sure with the date it happened in but this was the recent bad water storm that i know of .

February 8, 2008
4:43 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Thanks for the information.

I didn’t know that there was a flood in Dominican Republic that killed 22 people caused by water being released from the Travera Hydroelectric Dam to prevent the structure from collapsing under the weight of heavy rains caused by Hurricane Olga, a rare December cyclone that came two weeks after the Atlantic hurricane season ended.

Government officials in Dominican Republic released the water in fear that the dam structure might collapse during the hurricane possibly flooding the country’s second largest city, Santiago, and perhaps killing thousands. In August 2007, Hurricane Dean killed at least 29 people in the Caribbean and Mexico and Hurricane Felix killed about 150 people in September 2007 devastating Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast line. However, this more recent flooding event in Dominican Republic happened on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 while my dream noted above occurred on January 27, 2008, after this flooding event.

According to news reports, government’s last minute decision in Dominican Republic allowed millions of liters of water to flow into an already swollen Yaque River in the northern province of Santiago “with little or no warning” to people living near the river. The water released from the dam into the Yaque River engulfed surrounding communities forcing 35,000 people from their homes, damaged 5,000 homes and killed as many as 22 people.

According to news reports, government officials waited until Hurricane Olga lashed the Dominican Republic before deciding late that night around 11:00 PM to open six flood gates an hour later around midnight, while people were sleeping, sending as much as 1.6 million gallons of water “every second” into the swollen Yaque River. The water released from the dam ‘soon after Hurricane Olga hits land’ added tremendous stress to the already increased water flow of the Yaque River, which is responsible for the deaths, displacement and devastation that followed.

We will continue to watch news report for possible manifestation of the dream of January 27, 2008, that happened after this event, and hope that government’s decision is not blamed for uncontrolled flooding or dam breakage that might or might not happen in the future.

February 8, 2008
11:28 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Four points need mention:

A major earthquake at 6.9 magnitude occurred today on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 11° North and 42° West that received little or no media attention, except in the Times of India (see USGS website). The earthquake occurred at a shallow depth of 10 km that triggered a minor tsunami that might have affected the coast lines of islands in the Caribbean and South America near Brazil and Guyana.

Knowing that earthquake magnitudes are sometimes understated to prevent unnecessary public panic and concern, the reported magnitude of “6.9” is suspicious. The correct magnitude of this earthquake could very well have been 7.0 or greater.

On August 16, 2007, I discussed in the Dream Registry under “Earthquake Dream” the possibility of a major earthquake occurring on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 25N, 45W that could trigger a dangerous tsunami.

Since the Dream Registry posting six months ago on August 16, 2007, more than thirteen (13) earthquakes have occurred on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between 5.0 and 6.6 magnitude.

National Geographic is presenting “Six° Degrees Could Change the World” on Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 8:00 PM, EST that will discuss the threat of major tsunamis affecting coastal cities of the world.

Click on Aurora1313 in this posting for more information.

February 24, 2008
7:42 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA


My dream was in a major city looked like New York,or San Fransisco,i could remember seeing a major bridge and large buildings but couldnt tell where i was at,also i was at a college of some sort.wish i had more info but some dreams are like that. p.s. i was on this website and ran across these blogs,i wanted to see what it meant dream of floods thanks for reading.

February 25 , 2008
1:46 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

The symbolism for floods points to an overwhelming emotional response. In the case of this dream, it points to a tsunami of some sort. The fact that we see an extremely high wall/body of water in the dream means that there is no escape.

The water being opaque could mean that there is no certain way to predict or properly interpret the dream. Note that it was not possible to see over, through, around or beyond the very high wall of brown dirty water – almost as if blocked. Water in this form could mean a sea of people as well. It could point to a mob scene of people reacting out of a highly charged emotional energy in response to some political event or revelation of major political importance.

The wall of water is analogous to the parting of the Red Sea where the Israelites were allowed safe passage but was dangerous and deadly for Pharaoh’s army. It also signals the end of one stage or era and the start of a new one, where the “dirt” in the water is used to make bricks needed to build a new foundation for tomorrow.

The color of the water being brown and filled with dirt and bubbling could be a reference for the Nile River that used to flood its banks in Upper and Lower ancient Egypt around the sighting/rising of Sirius in early summer months of July. The Nile, the world’s longest river, was re-dammed near Egypt’s border with Sudan in 1970 and as a consequence no longer floods its banks. The Nile River was first dammed in 1889.

Brown water has two meanings in this case.

Agricultural Production: On one hand it means silt which is supportive of life and is very important for agricultural production, especially along river beds. The Nile River deposited up to 4 million tons of nutrient-rich sediment in the past, which enabled agricultural production for the Nubian people before the first dam was constructed in 1889. This silt is no longer available in Egypt, the land of the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx. It is no secret that much corruption (brown water) exists in this part of the world.

Corruption & Perversion: On the other hand, brown water means corruption and perversion, especially in spiritual matters as well as in churches/temples/houses of prayers, etc. But more importantly, brown water usually involves things that affect charged emotional values or things having a quality of sewage both literally and figuratively. Flooding caused by hurricanes, storms and heavy rains that wash away people, live stock and wild animals create this type of “polluted brown water” that was so high in content in the dream image.

New Truths Revealed about the Pyramids and Sphinx: Could the dream be pointing to the unfolding or revelation of corruption and secrecy involving ancient Egyptian national monuments and treasures is an interpretation that should not be discounted in the future.

It has been a concern that a major earthquake could occur at or near Lake Nasser, Aswan Dam Reservoir, (I would suggest southeast of Lake Nasser) that could break the Aswan Dam flooding the capital city of Cairo to the north. It would be a huge stretch to make this into a firm prediction, but such an ill fated ominous event is not outside of the scope or possibilities of dream interpretation, especially since the feeling associated with the dream was one of great sorrow and sadness – pointing to a dreadful day on planet earth.

The flooding of Cairo through breakage of the Aswan Dam would unearth great secrets and treasures that would present a starling contrast to accepted dogma and popular views currently held concerning Egypt’s ancient past.

Alternatively, the dream may be pointing to the breakage of a pool or real lake of sewage water. This could be political as well. In this case, it means the rapid unfolding of a great political scandal that hits the public like a high wall of bubbling brown dirty water where the charged emotional energy and content is so high that there is no escaping its ramifications and final consequences. The breakage of such a huge, high, political wall of “brown dirty water” could rightly occur in America as well as in other places.

These are some of the motifs worth considering when analyzing the dream.

With respect to applying literal translation of the dream, we can now point to some interesting flood stories developing in the news as follows:-

Indonesia has experienced heavy flooding in January and February this year due to monsoon rains. Up to 57 people were reported dead in February and 34,000 left homeless.

Over 21,000 people were evacuated in the Philippines when low pressure systems from February 12-17, 2008, brought heavy rains, wide spread flooding and landslides. According to Philippine Red Cross, 14 people were reported drowned and 7 missing. An estimated 200,000 people have been affected.

At February 7, 2008, heavy flooding from torrential rains over flowed rivers in Peru killing 20 people, washing away roads and bridges and leaving many people homeless and stranded. The rainy season which just started will continue until March.

With respect to your dream, both New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area are extremely sensitive to flooding by natural disaster events of any sort, including heavy rain, hurricanes, etc. Lower Manhattan is only about 15 feet above sea level and San Francisco Bay Area might even be lower than that. A major tsunami generated off-shore the Pacific Ocean or North Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean could potentially send a high wall of water slamming into these unprotected/unshielded highly charged human population centers without warning or adequate trained, tested and preparation-ready emergency response, especially with respect to the evacuation of the narrowly “iron-grilled” entry and exit points of major public underground transportation systems in New York City that essentially are death traps in any major disaster of this nature!

February 25 , 2008
9:32 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Although there is no support in neither the dream narrative nor imagery for this interpretative probability, again pointing to the difficulty in interpreting a dream involving “DIRTY WATER” since water also relates to the natural psychic state of people, the mind or of a people or an individual, and if the water is opaque or dirty would mean difficulty for any individual or people to see the predicted event(s) coming true or to be able to see the outcome of such future event(s) beforehand, it is however possible that we could see massive riots and mob scenes erupting all over the USA or other countries in the world attacking national symbols or in response to a single issue or political event should another Katrina, natural or man-made, disaster-type event unfold in the USA or elsewhere in the world where people become angry at government’s (governments’) response or lack thereof believing that the preparation or emergency response by government national disaster management teams, including the military, was too weak or non-existence as originally promised. The double whammy effect comes firstly from people enduring the horrible negative effects of the natural disaster event, whatever that natural disaster event might be, and secondly from seeing an angry mob or protesters forming a “high wall of dirty water” to overwhelm security forces in an unstoppable, no-escape manner.

Last week Thursday, February 21, 2008, angry and outraged demonstrators formed a high impenetrable wall of attack against an ill-prepared United States Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia and set several rooms on fire due to America’s support for Kosovo declaring its independence. No one saw it coming – it was for the most part unpredictable that this specific action would be taken by the peaceful protesters that turned into an angry mob. According to USA Today, Serbia considers Kosovo to be part of its country and strongly believes that U.S. support for independence is wrong.

March 4 , 2008
6:55 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA


Last night I had a dream so haunting that I had to go on line and look into its interpretation. I never have dreams like this and I still feel the need to share it. I dreamt that the ocean was rising all around the city of San Francisco. It was a gradual rise which called for one to move quickly to higher ground, but not in a panic. At first, it seemed benign, and I–along with others–proceeded to seek higher ground expecting the waters to subside. However, the ocean/bay waters continued to rise. People stood alongside the roads seeking rides from strangers and no one stopped as they drove out of town away from the approaching waters. Drivers were utilizing everything from one man cars to large vehicles, but all seemed packed with loved ones and no room for others to join. Money was not available, so people were trying to bargain away small objects in hopes of getting a ride to safety. When most of us realized that we would not get a ride, we walked in the direction where the cars were heading which was toward a suspension bridge to get out of the Bay Area by foot. When we reached the bridge, someone said, “It is flooded.” The waters had risen to where you could only see where the top suspension parts were sticking out and the water had submerged the middle of the bridge. The waters continued to swish about with currents indicating that it was still rising. As I looked out into the bay, an enormous hump back whale breached close to the bridge as if it had been awakened and moved from its watery depths.

March 5 , 2008
6:36 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Hello CDiane:

Here is an interpretation that I can offer, but your own personal viewpoint vis-à-vis your personal experience and situation shall always be more relevant and important.

Symbolically, as Carl Gustav Jung will affirm in his many writings on dreams, its interpretation and synchronicity – the 22nd Degree of the Kabbalah - and as interpreted in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible, the oceans and seas relate to a mass or body of people (Book of Revelations) and the unconscious (Carl Gustav Jung), other interpretations are possible as well, including the personal as opposed to the universal unconscious.

San Francisco being in the middle of California and a little to the south of the center of the west coast of the United States of America, astrologically speaking, means a point in USA history where things outside of the control of the USA and its political and economic leaders take control, especially since Washington, D.C. (meaning a power of personal control) is on the ascendant (east coast) and San Francisco (west coast) on the descendant relates to things happening to you where you individually and collectively will have absolutely NO CONTROL. In this case you are merely going along for the ride whether good or bad or ominous events popping up from out of nowhere in your life as well as the life of the nation, i.e., the USA. Wherever you physically live is symbolically irrelevant.

Still waters run deep! Sweet waters are deadly and strongly addictive (alcohol for example) and black waters are a deep unending mystery! The rising waters around San Francisco (was is clear waters, meaning clairvoyant, black water or some other color will tell the nature of events, red waters means passion and that blood will flow perhaps in a surgical operation) could be an indication of the brewing political cauldron that is starting to develop in the Democratic National Party with last night’s supposed victories for Hillary Clinton and Florida’s governor strongly calling for the votes and delegates of the people of Florida and Michigan be counted at the Democratic National Convention August 25-28, 2008. You don’t need to be a psychic or an astrologer or even wait for a prediction of an earthquake to manifest in Denver, Colorado to see the political storm and earthquake and morass developing in the clouds on the political horizon. This development shall surely be a slow and albeit a painful one. Moving to higher grounds call for abiding by higher principles and standards, taking the higher ground, politically and personally for yourself as well as with respect to all that you do from henceforth forward.

Panic will lead to disaster, much pain and confusion whereby Great Ones will fall in the process.

The rising of ocean waters around a city as important as San Francisco, symbolically speaking means that there is no escaping this matter, conflict or battle! You are surrounded, fight to the death or surrender, you are given no other choice or alternatives. It’s a duel to the death! According to your dream, taking the higher ground is the secret to victory and success as well as facing your fears and overcoming your inner demons whatever they may be. In short, do the right thing, no matter what … or cost!

Those who are unprepared or “unaware”, which is another form of unpreparedness, shall suffer. Remember the story of the 10 bridesmaids, 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. Make sure that you have oil in your lamp (money or support from friends and family members) to address any unexpected sudden emergency that may arise personally or collective in your life, these events could even stem from unintended and unexpected broad-based social, political or economic disasters such as a continued fall in the stock market or US dollar - how will that impact you personally, the housing market or your community or state are questions worth thinking about that this juncture of your life.

The unavailability of money simply means the inability of oneself, city or a nation to re-generate in order to breathe new life. The purpose of money is to symbolically “create life” lack of a better word, by regenerating one’s financial security as the Sun regenerates life of earth with the rising of each new morning Sun, and rightly so, since the physical natural COLOR OF OUR SUN, as found and experience through photosynthesis, is GREEN!

The suspension bridge says those, or relating to you more specifically, that are unprepared will have to take great risks and must have great FAITH in order to succeed. Fate will not work under these circumstances, the destiny of the soul and its arduous life long preparation process shall be the key that will unlock the door of destiny to allow the individual to confidently act on FAITH, not the other way around.

What a great dream you had, I must comment in the middle of my write-up, let’s continue, this is fun!

Fate accompli! Or better yet, “it is done,” says the Revelation. I do not think this needs further explanation or interpretation.

Those that acted on faith, due to their prior preparation, shall reap the rewards of fate, not promised to all, and will be given a memorial symbol or residue to eternally remind them of what they went through.

Don’t look back! No matter what happens to you in the future, no matter how great your loss or tribulations, don’t look back, don’t regret the past and all that you had and enjoyed or you shall become a pillar of salt.

The symbolism of the whale is well known in mythology. The whale is the giver of life. The whale taught men everything that man knows today about civilization, being able to walk on land and travel in the sea. Whales and dolphins are the most intelligent creatures on planet earth, far more so than man, even though “STUPID” man “THINKS” that he is the highest emblem of the animal world and life kingdom here on planet earth. This part of the dream has a very happy ending. It means that no matter how much trials and tribulations and personal, material and collective losses that you shall endure and experience as well as others in your life who are affected by this dream, all in the end shall be far greater and better than it was before the coming of the flood.

I hope this helps!

Politically speaking, it would be a grave mistake and error for Barack Obama to join forces with Hillary Clinton as a running mate, upside-down or right-side-up with respect to whomever you favor to be on top in forming a “DREAM, SOON TO BE DUBBED, NIGHTMARE TEAM,” in order to resolve this serious political conflict in the Democratic Party that shows no sign of abating or ending while the Republicans and George Bush sharpens their political swords, knives and axes to do carnal damage in battle in the race for the presidency of the United States of America that shall manifest in the fall of November 2008 presidential elections. Could this be what your dream is all about?

Para a hora!


March 20, 2008
7:42 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Deadly floods in Southeastern United States striking Missouri (M = 13th letter of alphabet) and other states have left 13 people dead and 3 injured to date. These floods have never been seen before in this region of the country. To read new articles on the subject, please click on Aurora1313 in this posting to go to a newly developed web page that will track “tsunami-like floods” occurring in 2008.

March 24, 2008
11:45 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA


Thanks for sharing, I wanted to share my dream which is related to Sealevel and oceanic disturbance.

In 2005, I came to know a prophecy by a Shiddar(Saint) who lives in a remote hills near Arunachala that on a major Sea Level Rise in due course, which he told based on his meditative vision.

In 2006 march, My close friend had a similar dream of sea level rise suddenly and smashing all homes near the sea. He lives close to the place where Tsunami hit in South India in Dec 2006.

In Dec 2007, my elderly friend who is very spritual and much respected told her sudden flash vision of great sea level rise, which will change the world map to a new one.

My wife recently had a dream flash of water flowing from all direction and we were on top of a hill and water was pouring into hill from all directions, I was guiding many people to get them top of hill. This dream came to my wife in early march 2008.

And Marsh 19, My friend reported her dream vision of her mother indicating that coming August 16 a major disaster day due to water and she has to take care of her elder sister after the event. Incidently Aug 16 is a Lunar Eclipse day for Earth.

While this is a important message to me, as we live in costal areas, frequented by quakes, Connecting the dots, Am getting a picture of what we got to do when its emergency. I feel this sea level rise is going to happen as such dreams ar comming to my friends quiet often, And this time it might be due to break away of West Antartica Ice Sheif, due to a strong quake/volcanic activity under the west Antartic. This Ice Shelf is as big as Texas state and melting at drastic rate. Lets see whats in store for 2008.

March 25 , 2008
7:31 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Hello ghanesh,

Thanks for sharing these dreams about floods and the rise of sea levels around the world that would affect coastal cities.

Did you have a dream about sea level rising and oceanic disturbances? I assume that you were mainly concerned about the dreams of others on this subject, including your wife’s.

Western Antarctica is on the path of recent Lunar Eclipse in Virgo that occurred on March 3, 2008 as well as on the path of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo-Leo that occurred on September 11, 2007.

There were three earthquakes over 5.0 magnitudes in the Antarctic region in December 2007, but nothing major since then. To learn more about some of the more recent earthquakes in Antarctica, visit:

Using information from the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo, we can do a “straight line” prediction to estimate the next earthquake in Antarctica (over 5.0 magnitude) to occur on or around JUNE 3, 2008 plus or minus 2 days.

Earthquakes in Antarctica and the North Pole region are not good because they touch on or come too close to the nerve center (Polar Regions) of the planet.

Floods in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio and other southeastern states of the United States have rivers cresting at 30 to 54 feet, which is dramatically high. These floods were completely unexpected and the region is still coping with its aftermath.

I would add to your interpretation that sea and water risings and floods (any large body of water) as seen in dreams symbolically relate to the rise up of people as seen in recent news in Tibet and China today. Carl Jung, the Book of Revelations and Native American Indian myths interpret seas, lakes and bodies of water as the collective unconscious, which has to do with the masses of the people, the collective will or a sea of people.

For example, dreaming of going into a lake, pond or pool of water in one’s own home, house or back yard could mean entering the realm of one’s own personal unconscious which is usually undertaken in modern society through the use of psychological therapy or psychoanalysis. The shape, color, quality and condition of the water and content of the dream narrative as presented in the dream motif provides important clues as to the outcome and/or condition that will be experience during the same.

With respect to the dreams you reported concerning sea level rising and floods that people all over seems to be having, these dreams carry a more universal appeal, meaning relating to the universal unconscious or collect will of the people as well as possible sea levels rising and floods.

For example, we see this playing out in US politics today, where the US government and present administration are somewhat being bombarded and judged for their ability or lack thereof in serving the will of the American people in a known or an unknown, almost reminiscence like 18th Century French Revolution setting, where the heads of state and leaderships of large corporations are quickly being ‘figuratively” chopped off (beheadings) for breaking the tacit universal social law or bond with the people in one form or another.

‘You should have known that we would be seriously affected’, people cry out to their governments, as if they too (the people) have no direct responsibility for allowing their own governments to fail in the first place by allowing them to do as they please in the recent past – the pains of politics and unintended consequences of failed leadership.

In this regard, the strict laws that the state have administered upon the people from a position of authority, respect, leadership, role model and governorship are now being reversed and are being applied to members of the state for their transgressions made possible by the very instruments that the state has established to monitor and control the people as well as individuals in society and the broader population, namely that of real time continuous electronic surveillance that gathers and maintains massive amounts of video surveillance valjeanian footage in the name of security, illegal or “state” sponsored wiretapping, “private sector” or corporate, shareholder-based control of personal, financial, credit and background check information that is not under any judiciary oversight or government body or control allowing anyone, anywhere, at anytime to gain any information on anyone for any purpose for a price.

The Ninth Commandment: Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor, when not obeyed leads to the breakdown of society as we saw in the French Revolution. Let yee that is without sin, cast the first stone.

In the Global War on Terror where individual privacy, communications and lifestyle is compromised, monitored, recorded and targeted daily by the mass over employment of private, state and federal security forces, (6-10 police officers or security guards at any single security check point or activity setting; the private security field being one of the fastest growing employers in the nation paying top salaries at supervisory and management levels, having direct influence in high level corporate decision making, hiring and firing decisions as compared to the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s) it appears that what is good for the goose is also magically good for the gander as well. How else can you explain the fall of the former Governor of the State of New York, Eliot Spitzer, who was supposed to have been surrounded by state police at all times, to have occurred so fast and precipitously with the new Governor, a handsome blind, well loved Black leader and Lieutenant Governor (David Paterson) struggling for a breath of air and life itself in order to avoid a similar fate forcing his quick and early admission of having extramarital affairs before becoming Governor and using cocaine at the age of 22-23 right after taking on the leadership mantle of Governor of the Empire State that is New York?

Government in the recent past it seems has created the tools and sown the seeds of its own fate and destruction when it decided to break sacred laws of privacy to spy on its own people and citizenry in order to protect people from themselves and those “unseen and unknown forces” operating amongst them that might be considered undesirable from a “security standpoint” in order to cover areas where in a community, county or state local police, private security firms and government agencies cannot easily identify “all”, especially since collective security can no longer be assured in a dangerous and volatile world.

The press, which seems to make a business out of collecting, hoarding and making publicly available at opportune time crucial/critical personal information often amass and acquire (in the name of the people and higher Neilson ratings) much personal information on public figures, celebrities and politicians that is easily made available through “private sector” sources without appropriate warrants or other government oversight requirements. The press seems to be saying “what is good for the goose is also good for the gander”.

With Mars entering Leo on May 10, 2008, we should expect to see many “foot soldiers” going into battle fighting their way “singlehandedly” to victory in different parts of the world representing the collective will of the people as expressed in dreams of seas level risings, floods, tsunamis and other bodies of water overtaking land, people and cities as seen in recent dreams. “Foot soldier” in this astrological context means someone or a group of individuals, including women of all ages, who singlehandedly take on an issue or cause through their own individual efforts, actions and/or initiatives where success depends on each individual’s perseverance and strength, including strength of character, without aid or help from greater or outside forces that is very much in line with what foot soldiers in military armies are required to do when they go into battle. Foot soldier herein means someone or a group of individuals going into battle without help from outside forces that are stronger than the collective strength of the individuals or group as a whole crusading to achieve a specific goal or purpose that serves the interest of a personal, family, social, economic, political or national agenda. Militarily speaking, this definition includes invasions by armies and militia forces, such as China sending forces into Tibet, which should start to happen two-four weeks before Mars enters Aries on May 10, 2008.

Already we are beginning to see the influence of Mars entry into Aries from protests and other “foot soldier” like activity taking place in Tibet, which has not been seen in the last 20 years. More people will take to the streets all over the world on different issues as Mars enters Aries this summer. It shall be a long hot summer that will trigger major earthquakes as well.

Great, historic fires are likely to occur when Mars enters Aries in May. We should expect an early and very hot summer starting as early as the third week of April 2008.

We shall watch to see how these events shall play out on the west coast of the United States to learn if SKY forces have stopped operating or will be an initiating, motivating or be a dominant force, for example, under the threat of high winds or hot gases, paratroopers or helicopters may be needed to take to the skies to rescue people and/or animals trapped in devastating forest fires over the summer whereby smoke and SKY related dust clouds may be a major issue.

March 25 , 2008
9:59 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Mars enters Leo, not Aries on May 10, 2008.

Mars leaves its “fall” position in Cancer on May 9, 2008 and enters the fire sign of Leo on May 10, 2008 in the Tropical Zodiac moving us from deep cold, bitter winter and lack of strength, tenacity and energy to being fire hot and highly motivated and strengthened. This means record breaking heat waves this summer, kingly fights and battles (even those for ego’s state) or fights among kings or leaders of state or political parties, and great historic fires and battles where the most important, biggest and best of places and things that are in a kingly or divine status, such as museums, palaces, state houses and other important places could get destroyed or damaged by fire.

Mars enters Leo in the Sidereal Zodiac from June 24 to August 9, 2008 affecting universal themes more so than personal ones.

We could see very large earthquakes occurring just before or during the three month period lasting from May 9, 2008 to August 9, 2008. This could very well be a time to see earthquakes greater than 8.0 magnitude. It is possible to have smaller earthquakes occurring in the Antarctic or northwest North Pole region as well.

March 25 , 2008
3:22 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

When you combine the symbolism of floods and rising sea levels, especially floods that are high and carry brown dirty water as in the above initiating dream of a “Major Tsunami-Like Flood to Strike Soon”, with that of astrological symbolism, such as Mars soon entry into the Tropical astrological sign of Leo on May 10, 2008, it simply suggests the rising up of people all over the world, or in different parts of the world, each with their own issues, causes and agenda, to overthrow their proverbial “King” or leader(s) or political leadership that has failed in the past to properly serve or meet their most basic intrinsic needs and interest. Those that grossly deceived the people in the past shall be crucified, literally that is, by their own people and culture, and we should expect to see examples of this between early May and August 2008 emanating from different parts of the world, especially those that still carry those ingrain customs, including leaders in modern governments and corporate entities, families and private and quasi-private organizations, as well as these entities vis-à-vis their relationship to the public.

This does not preclude unusual, meaning never-before-seen, floods, tsunamis, river over-flows and other disastrous water related physical events and activities from happening in the near future comprising a year or two. In classic dream modus operandi, one is truly an affirmation of the other using Carl Jung’s view point that sees dreams as acasual synchronous events that have a deep and lasting effect on the structure and integrative processes of the individual and collective human psyche through its relationship with manifesting or manifested outside objective reality. This is where dreams get its power of affirmation and relevance in the life of the dreamer or dreamers that truly represent humanity, since we all must sleep at night and dream at stage 4 levels no less than 2–3½ hours minimum of REM sleep that is required for proper daily functions of coordinated mental, emotional and physically related activities, which is so whether or not we recall our nightly dreams which is primarily based on culture, norm and/or expectations, albeit it scientific in the modern world, or the lack thereof.

For example, observe the devastating flood that is being experienced now in the southeastern section of the United States in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio and other states where rivers are cresting at 30-54 feet above normal levels causing deaths and massive flooding in many areas that are happening in parallel with revolutionary changes and uproar in the US political process, like a storming wave that involves Mr. Obama to the more benign, less noticed, “freak” sea incident and wave that wiped out people and cars on a less travelled coastal road in Spain on March 10, 2008.

This freak wave climbed the protective ocean seawall in La Caruna, Spain to instantly and unexpectedly wash away people and cars, just like the now shot-dead innocent and beautifully misunderstood lioness that recently and unexpectedly mounted the extra-high “human-installed” imprisoning cage walls at the San Diego “National” Zoo in California to attack a nearby Zoo visitor. How high is high enough to stop a caged and imprisoned beautiful “Lioness”?

This seemingly irrelevant “freak” ‘accident’/incident, as “modern science” would say, is ‘outside of the range of “normal” possibilities that is often considered to be an extraordinary, non-repetitive, low probability, “third-class,” standard deviation event’ such as the 9-11 attacks, that was “accidentally” caught on video tape that now can be viewed in all its global and magnified glory for all the world to see at (cut and paste into your browser):

Both incidents are saying the same thing for those who have eyes to see. Some may say one is an eclipse or affirmation of the other, or an omen of things to come involving the sea and water in particular as well as the symbolic representations of what they mean in the land of dreams, dream motifs and dream symbolism.

It is almost as if the interpretative expressions of the symbols work in tandem with the initiating dream motif, narrative or inner nocturnal visual and sometimes audible dream imagery and expressions to provide physical, solid, material expression of the dream’s motif, no different from how derivative instruments in financial and stock markets work, such as futures and options that reflect, support, behave differently and sometimes relatively independently but always in tandem with and in a manner that is consistent with the true or relative value of the underlying stock, assets or class of liabilities that they represent as reflected in the current or underlying stock prices, which are truly a “derivative” product or “calculus” of the underlying or operative capital of the industrial working class of prime or socially preferred class of economic assets, not necessarily “the economy,” which is made up of vastly more different things than a pre-selected class of corporate blue chip company stocks, whose liquidity, performance and values are dependent on global economic demand, supply, trends, features and intrinsic as well as inherent values and activities often give rise to massive financial trends, unexpected re-pricing and grave market volatility in the common era.

The best example of this is the true value of homes on each individual LOCAL market in the USA, vis-à-vis a willing buyer and seller, as compared to the class and classes of securitized assets that Wall Street has created, over time (derived through financial calculus), to represent those values that have given rise to the sub-prime mortgage crisis or meltdown that is spreading in the financial world like a great devastating flood or tsunami.

So yes, based on these dreams and astrological symbolisms, we can expect many stock markets to rise in the world over the summer between early May and August 2008 through a transformation or shift from corporate blue chip, more secured branded named assets to safety and short-term reliance that forms a base of more conservative, home-based, community-based, national- and state-based no-nonsense, no-named corporate asset classes, but so too will interest rates and inflation increase dramatically all over the world as well.

All this from some silly dreams!

April 9 , 2008
10:35 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA
Danita Goode says:

I had a dream several years ago about a Tsunami hitting New York City also! I have it in my journal. I was prompted to Google articles regarding “probability of Tsunami in New York City” today and came across this site (along with several articles). Although I had the dream a few years ago, and have discussed it with several people I trust (to warn them to be ready), I felt prompted to look for more information TODAY after a co-worker returned from a trip in Puerto Rico during the week of March 31 through April 6, in which she advised me that Puerto Rico was hit with waves of over 25 feet during the Easter weekend. My spirit became very unsettled when she told me about the Tsunami in P.R. because I was recently thinking about my “New York Tsunami” dream.

We recently had a “Fire Drill” at the 7 Times Square building where I am employed (I commute from Pennsylvania) and my heart started beating really fast when I had the impression that I should ask them “what are we to do if a Tsunami hits or if we’re hit with massive flooding?” I dared not ask for fear of sounding stupid. I’m not going to fear - I’m going to ask the question - at least it will plant a seed to get ready just in case!

In my dream, there was much damage done (especially in Midtown Manhattan). I believe that we need to start praying for the Tsunami to be averted or minimized so no lives are harmed in any way.

April 9 , 2008
1:25 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

A major magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Loyalty Islands today at 11:46 PM local time followed by 6.0 and 5.1 magnitude earthquakes. According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, and I quote, “A DESTRUCTIVE PACIFIC-WIDE TSUNAMI IS NOT EXPECTED AND THERE IS NO TSUNAMI THREAT TO HAWAII. REPEAT. A DESTRUCTIVE PACIFIC-WIDE TSUNAMI IS NOT EXPECTED AND THERE IS NO TSUNAMI THREAT TO HAWAII.”

Danita Goode, with respect to your dream and concern about a tsunami hitting New York City, Major Bloomberg’s Congestion Pricing Plan just fell through the floor, which would have reduced traffic build-up in Manhattan and increased traffic on subway trains, but a more comprehensive plan is needed that deals directly with the specific threat of tsunamis hitting New York City; where public awareness and preparation is the key to avoid an irreversable and unforgettable national disaster. I do not know for a fact, but will research it later, but my preliminary understanding is that lower Manhattan is only about 15 feet above sea level. If this is correct, then it means that had that the 25 feet tsunami that struck Puerto Rico over the Easter holidays hit the east coast of the United States or New York in particular, NYC subway stations would be under much water and people on the streets would not know what to do. Furthermore with all the tight security in Manhattan people on the streets, in vehicles and in subway and train cars might not be allowed to enter some buildings to climb the floors to higher levels for safety simply because of confusion and a general lack of proper preparation, expectation or planning on the east coast of the United States for such a natural disaster eventuality, even though we see natural disasters happening all over the world affecting just about everyone. London has a system of Locks in place that would keep out hide tides, but to my knowledge, NYC does not have a similar system in place.

I agree fully that fear is not good, does not help, and should not be promoted. It’s the last thing we need. What we need is action, someone paying attention to the signs of the times and taking preventative, protective actions in terms of public and institutional preparation. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.

Hope this helps!

April 16 , 2008
2:11 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

LadyAntonella says:

Aurora 1313 could you help with this:

I had a waking dream in which Sea Levels had risen to the highest storied buildings leaving nothing but water visible and mountains very distant. I would say the height to be maybe 30 stories? The oddest part was that I remember specifically Asian, White and East Indian peoples coming together to preserve survivors. It was disturbing as I was awake but could not escape the dream until it was complete.

April 16 , 2008
4:41 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

The earth, as well as yourself, might become overwhelmed with the study of spiritualism, i.e., things that are of a spiritual or divine nature. Do not get so caught up in religion or matters of the spirit to such an extent that you ignore practical and important matters that must be dealt with or addressed immediately that has to do with your daily existence in this material world. Balance the amount of time you spend studying religion and matters of the spirit with time dedicated to important matters concerning material existence. Hope this makes sense or seems correct to you.

May 14, 2008
10:33 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

2000 soldiers in China rush to patch a crack in the dam threating 630,000 people living in the city of Dujiangyan. The crack was caused by Monday’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan. I would prefer that the dam not break than to see such floodings occur.

May 15 , 2008
10:57 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA


Cut and paste:

May 29, 2008
8:18 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

2008 - The Great Year of Floods
16 Dead in Colombia and rising - Click Aurora1313 in this posting to learn more.

Beyond Prophecies and Predictions - that which cannot be expressed in human terms.

June 9, 2008
5:33 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

As discussed above on March 25, 2008 at 6:31 AM and 8:51 AM, we are beginning to witness the impact of Mars entry into Leo in the Tropical Zodiac which will soon occur in the Sidereal Zodiac as well on June 21, 2008. On the date when summer will officially start on June 21, 2008, Mars will enter Leo in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac bringing much heat, hot summers, fires and possibly large king size earthquakes and wildfires. Now is the time to take preventative measures as much as possible; e.g., fix or purchase air conditioners, car cooling systems (freon), check batteries on fire alarms, get flash lights and batteries for power outages, have fresh water handy, find sources and vendors that sell dry ice for cooling drinks, meats, vegetables, etc. Today, the New York tri-state area experienced power outages and record temperatures 95° to 99° F. Summer has begun!

Torrential rains caused a dam at Lake Delton to break and overflow in Columbia County, Wisconsin today causing massive flooding. Gov. Jim Doyle declared a state of emergency in 30 counties in the southern half of Wisconsin.

June 13, 2008
11:06 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA


I just came across this sight this morning. Aurora1313, I was not aware of the dam breaking in Wisconsin, but I had a dream last night about flooding which was similar. I live in South Texas, so I know my dream did not take place where I live. The difference was that the dam in my dream was broken in a “controlled manner”. Because of the severe weather currently happening in the mid-west, the crop damage and shortage was going to strain the economy, the government decided to release the water from a dam causing catastrophic flooding. Many lives were lost, but it was done for that reason…create less of a strain on the food supply by “doing away” with a portion of the population. This part of the dream was very disturbing to me and has been bothering me in my waking hours.
I have had dreams in the past of the catastrophic nature and they all have come true.

June 13, 2008
11:06 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Hello Joan:-

Your dream may very much be on the money. A similar situation occurred in Dominican Republic in December 2007 (see posting above for February 8, 2008; 3:43 PM). As you know, most governments think and behave alike; so yes, that is possible!

I believe that this is the year for floods. Last year we had collapses, and still have some carry over (Crane collapse in New York in May & March 2008). I started a web page to track floods for this year based on the dream above of January 27, 2008, but now the floods are happening so fast that it is hard to keep up, and difficult to get good information on them.

It is not surprising that although you live in the southwest of the USA in Texas that you were not fully aware of what was happening north of you in Wisconsin. CNN, Google and other major US media sources have not been carrying, or completely suppressing news reports on the floods that are happening in the Mid-West that includes Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio? If you live outside of these states, such as in New York, Texas, Oregon or California, and want news on this topic you have to go to local or state sources to get news reports and that news only stay on the internet (Google) and CNN television for about two days then they get buried in Google and CNN irrelevancies. The major national news outlets are not carrying comprehensive coverage of the floods in the Mid-West on television as they did with Katrina, even though a full city (Des Moines) is being evacuated right now as we speak! Population: City: 200,000; Suburbs: 550,000. Wow!!!

Epic size flood strikes Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 83 of 90 counties affected. 32 feet of water that is 12 feet above record level. Over $800 million is damages and rising. Crops are completely devastated in these states.

Locks on the Mississippi River have been closed for over 300 miles completely shutting down river navigation. Coal to power electrical power plants, corn and soya shipments to China and Asia are halted due to Mississippi River over flows.

Click on Aurora1313 in this posting for more information.

June 14, 2008
3:05 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Click on Aurora1313 in this posting for listing of major floods occurring in the U.S.A. and all over the world.

June 17, 2008
2:09 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

A levee broke on the Mississippi River causing massive flooding in towns along that river, especially in Henderson County, Illinois that is across the river from Burlington, Iowa. CNN and other major news media sources are now carrying extensive reports on the Mid-West floods that started more than a week ago. The Federal Government says that 26 more levees could potentially overflow if the weather outlook manifest as forecast.

June 19, 2008
10:48 AM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Cameo Pulver says:

My dream occurred on 8/28/2007. In my dream i saw a map of the United States. WI,IL,MI,IN,OH,NY,PA,VT,NH,MA,ME,CT,RI,NJ,DE,MD,VA,WV,KY,VA,
TN,NC,SC,GA,FL,AL,MS,LA,AR,OK,TK,NM,AX,AK and HI were all under water. The rest of the United States was dry.
I do not understand the meaning of this dream, but it was very real. I have a relationship with Yahweh who is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. I know he gave me this dream. The meaning is yet to be revealed.

I’ve searched the internet to see if anyone has had the same kind of dream. So far nothing. If you have had a similar dream please let me know.

June 19, 2008
4:16 PM, EST
Major Tsunami Flood to Strike Soon! Aurora1313 USA

Cameo Pulver:

This seems easy! Obama has Aquarius rising. Aquarius is the water bearer. Your dream may very well be pointing to all the states on the east coast that Obama will win in the general election.

These states represent 1/3 of the eastern section of the United States that includes states along the east coast and gulf regions. If this were an actual disaster one would have to assume an asteroid or large meteorite hitting the earth somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, since an earthquake even at 10+ magnitude would not necessarily have this kind of impact on the interior states (heart land states such as Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois that are on your list) if it were to occur in the Atlantic Ocean. If a large asteroid or meteorite were to cause such an upheaval in the Atlantic Ocean, it would need to be of such a magnitude that all countries in the world that have a coast line would be affected, including the west coast of the United States through massive perturbations in the Pacific Ocean. Since your dream did not indicate problems on the west coast of the United States or in other countries around the world to make this a global catastrophe, one would naturally assume that your dream is not about water flooding these states, especially since there are mountain ranges (Appalachian Mountains) along the east coast of the United States that would act as a natural barrier to prevent water from flowing up into states such as West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, which are included in your list as well. Hence, we would have to look for other possible answers, including your own line of work and travels in the USA as possible indicators for interpretation.

The symbols of air and water are very strong during the Age of Aquarius. As you might know, Aquarius is the water bearer. The answer might very well lie there!