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February 1, 2008
6:22 AM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

I had this dream within the past hour and awake from my sleep to post it here on the Dream Reistry. At the exact time of this dream and after a relative period of calm, an earthquake of 2.5 magnitude just now struck the southeastern section of The Big Island of Hawai about 8 miles from Fern Forrest at a depth of 4.4 miles at local Hawaiian date and time of Janaury 31, 2008; 11:18:36 PM (-10 hours GMT/UTC), which in my opinion is an affirmation of the dream.

Please visit USGS website within the next seven days up to February 8, 2008 to see this relatively minor earthquake, after which USGS will remove it from their website as they normally do.

In the dream that occurred within the last hour, I saw Barack Obama very happy with many people, “tons of people”, surrounding him to the point where no one could get close to him - it was like seeing a mob of people surrounding him! He was all smiles, and the more I looked on the farther he went into the background surrounded by people. At this point his head can hardly be seen as a hand reaching up in the sky to wave at him blocks my view.

Based on this dream, I can now confidently project and predict, fait accompli, a Grand Obama Victory on Super Tueday, February 5, 2008 that will secure his nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention on August 25-28, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

February 13, 2008
1:34 AM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

This dream has come to full fruition and manifestation beyond our wildest expectations. Congratulations Barack Obama …we see you in the news as we saw you in our dreams!

Based on the 3.1 magnitude earthquake (3+1=4) that occurred on January 29, 2008 in Western, TEXAS near Snyder at 32.9° North, 100.8° West (see USGS website for more details), we can now project that Barack Obama shall win the state of Texas on March 4, 2008.

Synder, Texas is on the Ascendant of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo-Leo that occurred on September 11, 2007.

March 4, 2008 is a very important date. Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on March 4, 2008 at exactly 3:24 AM, Austin, Texas time. This means that the debates for the presidential race shall begin in full speed and earnest.

The next Democratic debate will be held in Austin, Texas on February 21, 2008. Austin, Texas is in the center of the state of Texas. Columbia, South Carolina where Obama operated from during that primary is in the center of South Carolina. The number 4 favors Obama who was born on 08-04-1961. The map of Texas, like South Carolina is close in resemblance to the shape of the map of The Big Island of Hawaii more so than most other states in the continental United States. Metaphysically this could mean that winning the State of Texas might be a defining moment for Barack Obama’s bid for president, especially since it is George W. Bush’s home state. Barack Obama’s winning of the State of Texas in the Democratic Primaries could possibly signal the collapse and fall of the Bush political dynasty and machinery – things fall apart!

All the way back in November 2006, while doing preliminary evaluations and analyses of the earthquake dream of September 30, 2006, which was long before Barack Obama considered or publicly announced his intention to run for president in February 2007, we wrote about the possibility of an earthquake occurring in the center of Texas, near Austin or Crawford, Texas.

The following was written in November 2006 and is taken directly from my website for your information (See: Celestialaffairs.com/SkyWatch/EarthquakeDream.htm#Texas OR click on Aurora1313 above):

“It is possible that the dream may be about a third and fourth event other than two more earthquakes in Hawaii – especially since the first dream manifestation had nothing to do with an earthquake in Hawaii but with four (4) Telecom towers in the country of Nigeria with Abuja in the center.

We do not know the dates of these other possible events or earthquakes?

What kind of events, we don’t know, but earthquakes or “some sort of explosive event” involving the number 4 cannot be ruled out in light of explosive events occurring in Hawaii, Nigeria, Texas and Washington, DC.

One possibility is Waco or Austin, Texas. Can a major earthquake strike Waco or Austin, Texas, soon? Let’s examine the case of Texas!

The shape of the map of Texas is far from being a perfect match to the map in the dream image, but works to some degree, especially when you consider that Texas have four cities that are somewhat perpendicular to each other and a city in the center that matches the symbolism of the dream. The four outer cities are Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston. These cities are perpendicular or squared to each other with Waco, Texas in the center and Austin, Texas more to the south of Waco.

Can an earthquake or “explosion of some sort” involving the number 4, (4 people, places or things) occur very soon in Crawford, Texas or the White House in Washington, DC?

Crawford, Texas, the location of President Bush’s ranch, is located about 13 miles west of Waco, Texas, which we said is in the center of four perpendicular cities to the northeast (Ft. Worth), northwest (Dallas), southeast (San Antonio) and southwest (Houston) just as the White House is to four similar extreme points in Washington, DC.

The White House and Crawford, Texas are located in or near the center of four extreme perpendicular points. Based on the map in the dream image we should expect “an explosion of some sort” to occur in either or both of these centers involving the number 4 in some major and significant way. We do not know what these events are or how they shall manifest, but if what we observed from the gas pipeline explosion in Nigeria that killed 269, a 6.7 earthquake in Hawaii that injured FOUR People and the political fall out in Washington, DC are correct, then it is just a matter of time before the White House and/or Crawford, Texas take center stage in some major “earthquake” or major explosive event involving the number FOUR (4).

We should keep an eye on the White House and Crawford, Texas as possibilities for manifestation of the dream image in a 3rd or 4th event”

On the morning of January 8, 2007, dozens of grackles, sparrows and pigeons mysteriously dropped dead from the sky on two main streets in Austin, Texas without any sound or reasonable explanation. One of the streets was Congress Avenue that was shut down for several hours covering an area of about 10 blocks.

Austin, Texas will take full focus and center stage on the date when Mars enters the Tropical sign of Cancer on March 4, 2008. The United States, celebrating its birth date every year on July 4th, is considered to be a Cancer country. Hence, we can state that from this date forward a strong and athletically aggressive race begins for the White House.

For more information, please click on Aurora1313 above in this posting.

February 15, 2008
10:16 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

According to the New York Times, the Pentagon announced on Wednesday that it will shoot down a disabled 5,000 lbs spy satellite using star wars technology within the next two weeks since toxic rocket fuel could pose a danger to human population centers. A missile will be fired from a navy ship to shoot down the satellite as it enters earth’s atmosphere. There is a 4 day window of opportunity to make this happen before the satellite enters earth’s atmosphere. The risk of debris striking a population center remains a possibility. The safe, albeit uncontrolled, entry of Skylab in 1979 was achieved by changing the 78 ton space station’s orientation to shift its entry point. According to the NYTimes article, “Much of the craft fell into the Indian Ocean, as predicted, but some pieces traveled farther than expected falling harmlessly in Western Australia.”

February 19, 2008
9:38 AM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

“Explosion of Some Sort” strikes Western Texas on February 18, 2008 injuring four people 21 days after a 3.1 earthquake struck Western Texas on January 29, 2008. Are the two events related? Did one trigger the other? Authorities don’t know and won’t say or speculate, nor would the major “global” news outlets raise these questions as possibilities. But we do know that these ominous events are happening just days before the DNC debate in Austin, Texas on Thursday, February 21, 2008. At this point, we need not say any more!

For more information on major EXPLOSIONS occurring all over the world since 2007, please click on Aurora1313 in this post.

March 3, 2008
4:23 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

Tomorrow is a decisive day for the Democratic and Republican Parties. Four (4) states shall hold primary-caucuses, namely: Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. These states epitomize different geography, people and American life styles, cultures and values. Both Texas and Rhode Island are directly on ocean water, the primary essence of life on the Atlantic Ocean in this case. However, Texas is protected by a Gulf while Rhode Island faces the vastness of the silent yet dangerous open ocean. Rhode Island looks towards Black Africa to its south and White Europe directly eastward and to its northeastern quadrant. Rhode Island has many inlets and waterways along its eastern shore, while Texas stares down hard on open Gulf waters with all the oil rigs and resources invested therein with Mexico and Central America to the south longing for fresher economic air. Landlocked and somewhat isolated, Vermont is the emerald green jewel of America’s northern forest lands flushed in land-based wet lands, game, mountains and waterways of the Grand Isles Lakes that connects to the St Lawrence Waterways that is so vital and important to Canadian and American Trans-Atlantic shipping and commerce avenues that lead out to the mighty Atlantic Ocean to its northwest like a great anaconda snake or dragon. Ohio is the only state in tomorrow’s caucuses and primaries with essential life giving water to its north, which is that of Lake Erie. Cities such as Austin, Columbus, Providence and Montpelier comes to mind, where the later is not well know in American mainstream, popular or sub-cultures or even its social consciousness. The diversity of the geography and terrains that tomorrow’s Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses will cover is truly amazing! Many of these people see a vote for Barack Obama as a vote for themselves in the sense that as they put Obama on the map of their forgotten states and counties that form the tapestry of the forgotten American Dream so to do they draw attention to themselves, their plight, stories, history, dreams, aspiration, vision, problems, hardships and modern socio-economic and political issues that for so long in American history have been taken for granted and in some case totally forgotten – Lou Dobbs: Awakening the American Spirit! Given the diversity that these states represent just in geography and strategic geo-political positioning alone, one to the Southern nadir (Texas), one more centrally located to the north (Ohio), another challenging the northeastern frontier of thought and economic outlook (Rhode Island), and one thought of by others as an escapist illusionist landscape considering itself of sound mind and above the fray (Vermont), Obama is more likely to win in these states consolidating and validating Super Tuesday’s election results of February 5, 2008.

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee challenges the status quo, and rightly so. If Obama can beat the odds effortlessly and easily, as it may seem to others but we know it is never so, why too can’t he? After-all, fate (and faith based more on theological acceptance and beliefs in which he believes more strongly in) can smile on him too promising the American people a more entertaining and challenging race for the presidency in the fall that would more strongly hold the public’s interests and rack-up high media ratings initiating and transforming both political candidates in the American political process that can only present a win-win situation for the American people, regardless of final election outcome and results. McCain is too late it seems and presents more risks than solutions.

On economics, free thinking monetarists from Milton Friedman’s strongly influenced Chicago School of Economics (economic thought) have not been proven to be the proper modality for fostering or delivering sound economic change and transformation, especially when dealing with a broken and ailing economy that is in dire need of repair, restructuring, retooling, rethinking as well as social and economic re-engineering. Northeastern thinkers, as opposed to mid-western or even western American social and political economic thinkers, that have strong Saturn “Black” qualities coming from Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Wharton and even George Washington University in politically sensitive Washington, D.C. may provide stronger countervailing options and opportunities to ensure that visionary and elusive monetary side (money supply driven) economics do not flood US and global markets with violent swings and counter insurgencies based solely on money supply dynamism as the sole and essentially “proper tool” for economic growth and development, leaving in its wake the urgent need for strong fundamentals, economic restructuring and a vastly simpler approach that would require stronger hard-knocks economic-based solutions. The days of simplified Rostow’s 5% GDP growth models, IMF Pollack model and Friedman’s experimental inflation vs. high interest rate fighting economic strategies that work best with vastly simpler economies of the past, must now give way to a new economic theory and philosophy that recognize the complexities of a modern interdependent, price sensitive and volality driven global economy where new derivative instruments introduced daily are just as important as the underlying “stock” or asset class upon which they are based and supposed to draw their influence (mortgage crisis for example) – but we know that it is never so in the market place. Once you create an economic or financial instrument, it takes on a life of its own that wants to live, albeit eternally! An integrative economic approach that consists of a sound and stable economic engine that promotes, promises and delivers performance, restructuring and liberal dynamism (reduced red-tape and regulations for medium- and small-scale investors and American middle-class and lower-middle-class households in particular) “coupled with” strong inflation fighting medicine to protect the dollar from further “free fall” and deterioration, that brought oil prices last week to over $100 per barrel ($103), by raising the fed funds / discount rate to at least 4.0% by the start of summer of 2008, may just be the economic pill that is needed that can perform the magic trick of throwing an out of control economy and inadequate political economic plan into “reverse thrust” to bring directional positioning and control back into the hands of our political leaders and to the American people in particular.

Click on Aurora1313 above in this posting to read ‘Open Letter to Ben Benanke”

March 5, 2008
3:57 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

Some may say that this prediction did not come true, but “in fact” and “in deed” it did. Hillary Rodham Clinton cut a deal with the GOP and George W. Bush in particular to illicit their silent and valid support wherein if they helped her to win Texas and Ohio, inter alia, last night she in return would support George Bush’s policy to ensure his legacy, avoid massive investigations on crimes against humanity and breaking of the US Constitution during the Bush presidential years, continue the war in Iraq through a series of trumped-up, make-believe substantial events in the Middle East, the USA and elsewhere that would occur just before or soon after she takes office in January 2009 in true and convincing 9-11 scenario manner that would persuade, but not necessarily convince the American people that danger still lurked at the door, as well as to continue the failed Bush-Clinton economic policies of yester-year including the flooding of financial markets with unnecessary, un-backed, “printed” petro-derived dollars. As soon as agreement was reach, the political machinery went into effect about four (4) days before yesterday’s primaries and caucuses that sent negative deceptive ads and back-stabbing campaigning techniques and arrows directly against Barack Obama’s camp that were all designed to strike at the very HEART of whatever they thought voters were mostly concerned with, in the case of Ohio: NAFTA. The orchestration of elections results through CNN and other major international media outlets that went way into the early hours of this morning of March 5, 2008, started by showing Obama slightly ahead with less than 1% of the precincts reporting, but as the song played on late into the mid-night hours of the night, the music changed and Hillary emerged victorious in a grand, pre-planned, ticker tape, early morning parade - thanks to her blessed “political long-standing compatriots.” Blitz by all the revelries and exhaustion from hard work, Obama’s camp had to regroup to figure out where did all that … come from, and how on earth was it all possible.

To fulfill her promise, Hillary will have no choice but to change her political song and tune as soon as she secures the Democratic nomination in August 2008 or before, as has already started, and make “Security” the number one issue for Americans in the presidential campaign this summer and autumn where it shall not matter “one ounce” at all whether she of McCain wins the US presidency in November 2008. Bringing the troops home and/or changing the political and economic landscape for the benefit of the Americas for working class and middle income Americans is truly an illusive American Dream. To not pay the piper as signed in blood, and planned, would be a grave political mistake for her and her compatriots and political machinery.

Mystery truly occurs in mysterious ways, so too will its continued unfolding…


Para a Hora!


March 5, 2008
11:30 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

what do you mean by “para a hora”? Do you know what that means? Please learn the correct spanish. your loyal reader, por ahora, Auroro2121.

March 6, 2008
6:00 AM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

It’s old Spanish, that my uncle used to use to sign off his letters. Cheers!

March 6, 2008
7:21 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

Your comment forced me to go dig out my late uncle’s letters going back over 30 years.

Yes, you are correct, the Spanish phraseology is completely wrong. He signed off “Adios Para Hara” (bye for now), not ‘para a hora’ shown above. His Spanish wasn’t so old after all and neither were his ideas.

While I’m making corrections, let me say that in another unrelated reply posting to CDiane under “Major Tsunami-Like Flood to Strike Soon,” I stated that Synchronicity was at about the 22 degree level; it is really at about the 27-29 degree level of Kabbalah.

Why didn’t you write under a different user name instead writing under my username of Aurora1313? Who are you and why did you do that? Did you realize that you used my user name of Aurora1313 instead of your own?

Here are some of my uncle’s letters to the editor published in “Times Magazine”, “Daily Gleaner” and “The Readers Digest”, Toronto, Canada to name a few. He would have loved to have had the opportunity in his time to post on the internet.

“As an untutored observer, listening to talks by the world’s major Atomic Bomb Manufacturers about disarming certain types of atomic weapons, I am wondering what will be done with the sealed containers of neutrons, which supply the massive devastating power of each bomb whether they be Uranium 238, Hydrogen or Plutonium?

My limited understanding of the unleashing of the immense destructive power of any type of nuclear bomb is that it is done by releasing of neutrons from sealed containers by any type of sophisticated firing mechanism. Removal of this firing mechanism therefore, is a simply matter, but how can the sealed containers of neutrons be negated permanently?

If it is considered to bury these containers at the bottom of this world’s oceans, this will be a very dangerous decision in the years to come. If they stock them in their armories, it will be no big thing to rearm them quickly whenever undue provocation suggest. Or will they place them on space ships traveling away from our immediate planetary system?

It will be very interesting to learn from the knowledgeable Nuclear Physicists about how complete disarmament of any type of nuclear bombs can be effectively and permanently achieved.”

IMMIGRATION – Times Magazine, NY
“During the past few years I have been wondering what would happen if a ship loaded with Yugoslav or Croatians fleeing their war torn countries was to hit a reef, commenced sinking off Bermuda and the passengers were rescued by the US Coast Guard.

Would they be put on the first available ship for a return trip to Europe, encamped at Guantanomo Bay or distributed among the West Indian Islands? It would be very interesting to learn America’s (USA) reaction should such an event occur?”

Published in the Gleaner on Friday, November 30, 1987, the last paragraph of his letter to the editor summarizes his position on Raising the Age of Consent to Gain the Legal Right and Responsibility for Propagation of the Race to that of the Age of Maturity to be Able to Vote for the Party of One’s Choice as follows:

“The saying that “the female specie develops earlier than the male” seems to point mainly to one area of development. Hence, it became necessary to enact laws of consent for the female but none for the male. It should therefore be considered that such laws are not made solely to protect the female from the carelessly intruding male but more so to protect the female from herself. Think about it!”

There are many more letters that I re-read today, all very relevant and others just out-rightly entertaining, such as one published in the “Reader’s Digest” in Toronto, Canada, as follows:-

“I used to raise pigs when my daughter commenced toddling. Whenever I go to clean the pens and feed the pigs, she would toddle up and being unable to see in the pens, would start calling “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” and begin crying when I was unable to pick her up. It was very disconcerting, so it occurred to me to hurry up to the first pen and have it cleaned before she toddles up. Then I would lift her up and put her with the pigs. Boy, was she happy! I could continue cleaning the other pens without any further interference by simply putting her in the after pens as I go along. When I am through we would go down to the house, clean up and have our meals.

After a while she commenced slopping her mouth at the Dinner Table like the pigs. When I tell her to stop, she usually stop of the duration of the meal but recommence at the succeeding meals. One morning, I got very annoyed and looking directly across the table at her, I asked, “what are you a pig?” Dead silence. “You know what a pig is, don’t you,” I said. Then came the soft reply: “Yes, daddy, it’s a hog’s little daughter.”

In his fully researched closing style,

Adios Para Hara

March 8, 2008
2:03 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

Today is the fourth date since the Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont primaries and caucuses that occurred on Tuesday, March 4, 2008. As I write, Ohio is being pelted right now with one of the worst snow storms and blizzards to hit that state in its entire history – see the National Weather Service for more information and details.

Today’s state victory for Obama will mark his 13th victory – a time of significant and fundamental change.

I can now project Obama to win Wyoming working with volunteers and supporters from behind a series of long, stretched-out tables covered perhaps in white cloth. A name sounding like “Tualedo”, perhaps Tower Junction or Trelona seems to be of importance. We shall see!

An earthquake measuring 2.5 magnitude struck the far southwestern quadrant of Wyoming at Diamondville on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 2:06 PM local time. See USGS website within the next few days for more details. We have already established that having been born in Hawaii under certain cosmic and astrological influences, earthquakes seem to favor Obama, especially when occurring just before or near the time frame of a major political event.

For unknown reasons, Hillary having fired all remaining political missiles and shots at Barack Obama over the last week caves in. Wyoming, not easily subjected to outside political pressure, influence or manipulation, makes a clear statement that is more reflective of the attitude and will of the American people.

Recent events tested Obama suggesting the need for political blood letting, vetting and re-consideration as well as re-affirmation of significant political issues once thought settled and decided, in order to ensure personal and ideological inner transformation that forces alignment with the people’s hopes, dreams, political, economic and judicial aspirations.

We become all that we practice and preach on a daily basis and all that we aspire to in this life time whether for the service of good or relative evil, not by personal choice or intent but through nature’s mysterious forces, namely the force of will power and circumstances brought about by experiences that lay down the structure, foundation, direction, road and road map over and upon which we must travel come hell or high water!

Let the initiation of Barack Hussein Obama begin! Let the waters flows, the river made high and loose and the crocodiles released. Every candidate for the highest office in the land must be readied…

A note on my website discussing Mars in Cancer that was written on November 3, 2007 has proven quite accurate in explaining current events. One must also note that Jupiter in Capricorn is also in a “fall” position that adds to the type of implosions, explosions, collapses, cold wintry weather (due to lack of Mars red hot/heating energy), poor health, bad luck and unexpected fall of “Kings” and great leaders at this time, as well as a lack of genuine optimism and good health that Jupiter governs during these critical fall periods.

To learn more about Mars in Cancer, click on Aurora1313 in this posting.

To learn about the negative “fall” effects of Jupiter in Capricorn, please cut and paste or visit:


March 8, 2008
9:42 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

Nita says:

If you examine election results from TX closely, Obama actually did ‘win’. Hilliary Clinton may have edged Obama out in popular vote because Republicans were encouraged to cross over and vote in Democratic Primary for her. They fear that Hilliary would be an easier defeat in November than Obama.

But back to my point: He is winning the TX caucus plus he sustained a close popular vote which gives him the majority of delegates from the state. Therefore, your prophecy is indeed correct. He won!

March 9, 2008
1:12 AM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA


Thank you for your comments!

Yes, you are correct Obama won Texas. The 3.1 earthquake on January 29th suggests that he would. The impression given by major media sources on the night of the election was that Obama lost Texas to Hillary Clinton, but as you rightly pointed out, he did in fact win Texas, which is now becoming apparent to all.

Hillary Clinton made a deal with Republicans in the Republican Party that if they help her to win the Democratic Nomination over Obama, that she would make National Security the number one issue for her presidential election campaign, which basically is to give the American people no cloice in choosing a candidate since the Republican and Democratic platforms would support the same agenda on continuing the War in Iraq. You may notice that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have changed their tune. In recent speeches both Bill and Hillary Clinton are now preaching that National Security is the number one issue for Americans and for the presidential elections, not the economy or anything else. Both Bill and Hillary sound like the Republicans. The aim of the Republican Party is to win by any means necessary, destroying the Democratic Party in the process (something that both Bill and Hillary Clinton does not seem to mind happening) since they cannot win any other way. For example, using Super delegates to decide the Democratic Nomination achieves this objective, as well as bringing Florida and Michigan back into the nomination process, even though they both broke Party rules to which they were a party and signatory. These two issues theathen the integrity of the Democratic Party’s nomination process favoring Hillary Clinton. But more importantly, they play into the hands and net that the Republicans have cast to stop the Democratic Party from seizing power in November’s presidential, senate and house elections, that would stop the Democrats from gaining control of Congress.

Hillary is playing a deadly game, involving Party treason, when she works with the Republicans against the interest of her own Party. She needs to realize that the Republicans want her as the Democratic front-runner and nominee because they have already hatched out a detail plan for her down-fall and defeat that is designed to humiliate her in November’s presidential elections once they work with her to “supposedly” get Barack Obama out of the way. They see her as a “Goldwater” girl, which she admits in her book happened in her youthful days - in classic dirty politics style, as was recently directed at Obama by Hillary, she will see stuff come out of the wood work that she thinks will never reach the public domain or right to know. Using these under-handed tactics and political attacks against Hillary Rodham Clinton should she become the Democratic Nominee, would in the Republicans’ view point assure them victory in November to secure Bush’s legacy and continue, and mostly likely expand the War in Iraq as well as in other places in the world.

Obama has to be ready to deal with a lot of crocodiles since many will come out of the wood work as the election process progresses. In some sense, this will transform Obama and the way he does business in the future with these people - that in essence, will be his initiation into national politics. Already today one radio announcer (King) attacked Obama’s middle name, “Hussein”. Everyone could see this coming. It was so apparent. We will have a “Catholic” in the White House with the middle name “Hussein” - the Catholic being a reference to JFK, who was the last senator to be elected to the head of the Democratic National Convention who ascended to the position of the presidency exactly 40 years ago - hence, history repeats itself!

I have written on my website that issues involving the Middle East and Israel will be easy for Obama to solve once in office; that he will easily gain the confidence of both sides, that the future will not be about Middle East matters and Terrorism as the Republicans and pundits are saying, but rather about natural disasters, nuclear armament and Star Wars technology and a restarting of the cold war. Politicians need to look into the future to see what is looming on the horizon and stop wasting time focusing and beating to death issues and matters of the past that will not carry the same level of importance or challenges in the future.

To read my interpretation of Obama’s astrological map highlighting what I think will be some of major foreign policy issues of the future, click on Aurora1313 in this posting.

March 21, 2008
5:32 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

The next eclipses in 2008 is a solar eclipse on August 1, 2008 in Tropical Leo and Sidereal Cancer, as well as a lunar eclipse on August 16, 2008 occurring in Tropical Aquarius that will also be on the cusp of Sidereal Aquarius-Capricorn (both Sun in Leo).

These two eclipses occurring in August 2008 set the stage for Barack Obama’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado on August 28, 2008 - THE LION KING!, because they will occur in Leo the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs. The lunar eclipse occurring on August 16, 2008 in Aquarius-Leo means that electronics, astrology, intelligence, water pouring from the jar – the Aquarian water bearer, television, mothers, females as well as disenfranchised people and workers of the world will play a major role and have significant impact on the political process globally. Universal brotherhood, harmony, understanding, peace, love and compassion will be the Aquarian theme of the day – the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is at hand!

- Dreamt this morning that in addressing an audience Barack Obama says, “33 terms I’ve been president…”

American presidents can only serve two terms for a total of 8 years. 33 terms is 132 years, which is beyond human expectations for service as president. (33 is a power number in numerology.) However, 2009 plus 132 years gives us the date 2141 in the future, and the year 2009 less 132 years takes us back to calendar year 1877.

In 1877, January 8th, Crazy Horse and his warriors fight their last battle, the Battle of Wolf Mountain with the United States Cavalry in Montana.

In 1877, March 2nd, in the Compromise of 1877, the U.S. presidential election, 1876 is resolved with the selection of Rutherford B. Hayes as the winner even though Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote on November 7, 1876.

Other events include Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire (IRAN?), Sitting Bull leads his band of Lakota into Canada to avoid harassment by the United States Army under Colonel Nelson Miles, realizing that his people were weakened by cold and hunger, Chief Crazy Horse of the Oglala Sioux surrenders to United States troops in Nebraska, Henry Ossian Flipper becomes the first African American cadet to graduate from the United States Military Academy, eruption of Mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador causes severe mudflows that wipe out surrounding cities and valleys - 1000 dead (China’s recent 8.0 earthquake and threat to nearby dam comes to mind.), Asaph Hall discovers Deimos, outer moon and Phobos, inner moon of Mars, Oglala Sioux Chief Crazy Horse is bayoneted by a United States soldier after resisting confinement in a guardhouse at Fort Robinson in Nebraska, and finally Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record sound, considered Edison’s first great invention. Edison demonstrated the device for the first time on November 29, 1877. Source: Wikipedia.

Click on Aurora1313 in this posting to read about Barack Obama in Prophecy - A Prophecy of Change.

May 22, 2008
2:54 PM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

Billy B says:

I too share in the belief of Obama’s presidency. For I too have had dreams and seen it in the heavens. I suspect a significant turn for Hillary around or shortly after June 9th as Venus hides behind the sun…very symbolic to what is bout to happen. If u did not know Obama is a sun sign… Leo. The stars don’t lie! the first sign was Feb 20.
When the alignment of the moon connected the brightest celestial bodies in the constellation Leo
> 1) Regulus (Leo’s HEART)
> 2) Saturn
> And 3) the eclipsed moon
Making a triangle!

This signaled Obama’s victory. It is certain.

May 29, 2008
7:50 AM, EST
Barack Obama to Win Super Tuesday & DNC Nomination - Fait Accompli! Aurora1313 USA

President by Default
Man that was not that was to be no longer from hard earned victories but by outright rejection of his rivals shall be.

He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.