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May 22 2008
4:03 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume I Aurora1313 USA

April 19, 2008
- Saw a plane engine and nothing else.

Could this be the jet engine of US Airways flight 1549? This dream was recorded in 2008 on May 22, 2008. See: jet engine dream of 2008.

Watch TubeTube and BBC crash videos and read about the examination of this plane engine at WSJ, NYT, ABC, BBC, BBC2, Cockpit View, YouTube1, YouTube2, YouTube3, YouTube4.

See dream below of jet plane flying with one engine hanging posted in the World Dream Journal on January 10, 2009, five (5) days before the crash landing of US Airways Flight #1549.

January 15, 2009
8:44 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

January 15, 2009
US Airways Flight #1549 leaving La Guardia Airport in New York City crash landed into the Hudson River today at 3:30:59 PM EST after takeoff earlier at La Guardia Airport at 3:26 PM EST (within 4 minutes of takeoff - no time to panic). All 155 people on board the plane survived and are doing fine! The astrological chart for the accident is shown below. For those with some basic knowledge and understanding of astrology will immediately recognize why the plane, crew and passengers were saved: Venus, goddess of love, was exalted in Pisces (maximum good that Venus can provide is when Venus is in the astrological sign of Pisces) conjunct the Part of Fortune (Luck and Pot of Gold!) conjuncting Uranus in Pisces (accidents are ruled by Uranus; water is ruled by Pisces through Neptune god of the seas) on the Mid-Heaven that was also in Pisces at 16 degrees and 52 minutes, which would give Venus, Part of Fortune and Uranus their maximum astrological effect for a favorable outcome. Note Cancer (indicating a domestic flight; USA is a Cancer country as well) ruled by the Moon was on the Ascendant (motivating-triggering energy) with Mars in Capricorn on the Descendant (Mars is exalted in Capricorn giving the mature pilot great strength and skills as an athlete - the planet Mars, which gives strength and energy, is strongest and most effective in the astrological sign of Capricorn and hence the pilot's tremendous skills, vigor and courage in bringing down the plane safely; Capricorn indicates maturity and the pilot was a mature man at about 57 years old - an age that approaches his 2nd Saturn Return; no young rookie pilot could have carried out this feat as effectively; it took maturity, skills and knowledge). Mars in Capricorn on the Descendant indicates action or events coming out of the blue from the universe/cosmos or consciousness - meaning that this was not of the pilot's own doing; human error was not involved. The ruling planet of the Ascendant, the Moon, was in the Fourth House that is also ruled by Cancer (mother-nurturing-all on board were treated with great care and were well nurtured). Hope this helps!

For those requiring a verbal non-symbolic explanation, please visit: CNN-CockpitTape, BBCNews, Yahoo, CNN, ABC, WSJ,Bloomberg

January 10, 2009
11:06 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

December 22, 2008
- Jet plane flying with one engine hanging by a strap or bolt somewhere between New York City and Washington, DC.

December 17, 2008
11:00 AM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

December 7, 2008
- White hair furry dog like creature with a large black circle on his back extending mid way down his sides. Direction of dog: <--.

- The top of a long hill being blown up with consecutive shots going in this direction -->.

- Oracle!

December 3, 2008
- One saying, "you can take me off the board now."

- The destruction of the planet is very much dependent on we doing the same things that we are doing today for if by change, choice, revelation or discovery that we change, the outcome may be quite different.

- Newton's search for spirituality and understanding, mystery and astrology was more important than his knowledge of bare scientific facts.

- The date of death could be accurately calculated in ancient Arabic astrology using a specific formula or approach because it was done under a certain cosmic light which does not shine as brightly today.

- Coming into public light causes you to continually express one side of your personality and soul while the other part lay dormant and falls asleep. One part of the personality dominates the soul and the other part die a slow death due to inactivity. A great effort and much energy is spent protecting or blocking the expression of things, information, facts or parts of the personality you don't want in public which further restricts development of the whole which requires full expression. Over time the personality takes on dominance in those parts that exclude other parts of the self.

December 2, 2008
- Sun 2 degrees and 22 minutes in Sagittarius.

November 29, 2008
- Larger volcanic eruptions next year.

November 26, 2008
- Snow on the ground in a slush from that rain will wash away by next day.

November 22, 2008
- 'Jesus, the Christ Discovered Today' written on the page of a magazine article that flipped from page to page.

November 21, 2008
- Computer crash!

- That butchers were serving dog meat as lamb or other meat to an unknowing public.

November 20, 2008
- I was hoping that the selection of Barack Obama would be acceptable.

- Corruption in the Police Force.

- Most of these deaths that happened with and through Police Departments did not have to occur.

- This place is loaded with homes that are not recoverable. Do not go to these places through government backed programs.

- As if someone slammed their hand into the glass of a subway door attempting to break the code for the prediction that is yet to come true that they are watching.

November 13, 2008
- Life is time and time is life; this is the only time that exist.

November 12, 2008
- Obama won 65% of your votes.
(This means that McCain only won 35% of the votes; 12% of the votes were apparently switched to the Republican Party)

November 9, 2008
- Alignment of the Sun with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy and other stars and constellations.

November 11, 2008
9:30 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

November 11, 2008
- And this time (speaking about the election) earthquake happened.

- She's a mediator - she knows four numbers. If you know four numbers you know all numbers.

November 9, 2008
- Our business here is cosmic.

- Fish eating up the Sun.

- The real nature of money has never been discovered by economists even though its manipulation has been mastered.

November 8, 2008
- Old sail ship in mint condition.

November 3, 2008
6:19 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

November 3, 2008
- Faint images of generals facing each other painted faintly in the sky over a darken Bay area.

- Circling ball spinning in a counter clockwise direction like the Earth in space.

- Striped purple and white tie with an handsome V shape knot seen in side profile of a three piece suit.

- That of hypocrisy, that of generalizing a group of people.

- Spirits of old, the ancient ones!

- Dream that I had to fix a black rectangle that was at the heart of Obama's operations to allow his computers to work in order to give him some kind of special advantage when it was generally presumed that I or no one else had the ability as an individual to make the repairs that were needed.

November 2, 2008
- Something about taking a sample that was smaller than the sample used to evaluate a population.

- Railroad Crash in Japan!!!

- An underlined set of words indicating a computer internet link to somewhere.

- After heavy rain blue gas looking like steam or smoke comes out of the ground in east coast area.

October 31, 2008
- Campaign for jobless people!

- October 13, 1776

- People taking the elections seriously.

- An image of an aerial view of a community with poor housing in London.

- A line drawn by a pen connects Obama speaking at a rally to Obama speaking at another rally to a large crowd and audience that was very far away. The line traveled through the air, or so it seem, forming the shape of a line that matches the outer rim of an opened umbrella. The line traveled westward <--- point to point. You could not tell where the line was going to stop until it landed at another far away rally, and again points to Barack Obama. This gave the distinct impression that there were two Barack Obamas speaking simultaneously, one in either direction.

- Maybe many of you folks are declining this, maybe many will rethink!

October 27, 2008
- So many people get paid for knowing things they know nothing about.

October 26, 2008
- "An essential, essential piece of information" meaning he sent us says a CNN female reporter.

- "We must lock up all of them," maybe someone saying this.

- They are the geniuses of this country.

- These things have been spoken by a lamb's mouth, that before the Stadium light goes out, before sunset certain things to happen.

- "How could I be some convicted murderer?"

- Jury: Not Guilty!

- Sarah Palin's face made up in a sad position.

October 24, 2008
- Space like galaxy like image.

- A general taking a call nods his head.

- Anybody lose - they win! The election?

- Under the sea it's a new world. So you are making new worlds under the sea.

- Bobrick's "Fated Sky."

- Something shaped like a full set of teeth in lower or upper jaw in a vertical position going red!

- The role of government in the future is going to be greatly diminished in human affairs. Another God has smitten the dust!

October 23,2008
- 1796-1896 one of the dates followed by unrecognized words.

- They are at the center of these earthquakes.

- The fingerprint of a finger with perfect curves in the shape of a counter clockwise hurricane super-imposed over a framed picture.

- The walls are painted Olive green!

- Four lines of text, same words, in blue that starts sentences.

- I think the days of man's domination of the planet are over!

- Words in a sentence appear in a journal that could not be read easily.

- British government and local government follow up their experiment.

- Diplomatic men sitting in a concert hall listens to a woman sings in opera style. Overtaken by the music, someone stretches back in their chair and dies. The woman singing voice is heard; she is never seen! There was more to this dream that could not be recalled.

- Fine gold chain with polished stone is given to a man who is told that if he drops it he breaks it. The man holds the stone wrapped in a gold chain in his hand in a protective manner.

- Female photographer running up a balcony around a podium, slips, falls, gets up and runs up to the westward facing balcony and bends into position over the balcony to take a picture.

- Trend of jokers in the night!

- What we expect are going to happen are going to happen! The elections?

- Alaska is not a pre-paid but is entitled to U.S. food programs.

October 21, 2008
- Fathers come in unbelievable uniforms and shapes.

- High tide comes in. Seashore is much higher when enter beach.

- Well it has been patient, but not fruitful.

October 20, 2008
- If you don't believe what you are seeing then you do not understand how power can be so awfully powerful and subtle at the same time.

- Ladies and gentlemen fungus, I mean that find fungi..

- You are witnessing the real life collapse of the Republican Party!

- Done so well at predicting earthquakes.

- brazad.com

- Obama is the One!

- Oct. or November 5, 2008???

October 18, 2008
- Not clearly seen a mushroom cloud that could be a nuclear explosion.

- Very inspirational art work.

- One ship closes in on another at sea in international waters saying, "This ship.." Looking all around from the ship's bow one could only see the sea on the horizon. It was scary or even awesome but definitely lonely out at sea where nothing in the world matters.

- Mr. & Mrs. Clampton

October 15, 2008
- Pyramid in front of a graphic design in flat 2 dimensional perspective.

- Their temple is not like mine!

October 17, 2008
11:06 AM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

October 15,2008
- This time its equity; you are going to see a man who wins luckier.

- Everyone on the street filled with joy, Barack Obama wins campaign.

- A campaign manager for McCain shouting, "there is no time left."

- We've shown over 2 million people where we have the nationals closely guarded.

- Encouraged a young baby to sing along with me.

- When Obama goes back home, he'll be 54.

- Their temple is not like mine.

October 14, 2008
- Space Age design and layout of a city drafted in black and white that from afar looks more like the control knob of a Time Warner TV controller.

- Saw a pen writing up a dream (this dream) starting with the words, "This long.." The dream then suddenly ended.

- Record breaking interest rates.

- Two letters seen, one addressed to Dorothy Jones.

October 13, 2008
1:59 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume III Aurora1313 USA

October 13, 1008
- Had a conversation with Joe Biden and was about to post his web page on my website.

- We are not splash, we are not splash, and for good reasons so.

- In every decision about the future, you've have been correct.