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November 21, 2008
7:22 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume II Aurora1313 USA

Earthquake dream of September 30, 2008 came true on November 20, 2008 when a 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck Baja California near the US border with California. For more information on this dream and the related earthquake, visit: Baja California Earthquake of November 20, 2008.

Earthquake dream of September 30, 2008 came true on November 17, 2008 when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Sulawesi, Indonesia that was immediately downgraded by USGS to 7.5 magnitude and further downgraded again the next day to 7.3 magnitude to allay public concern and consideration. For more information on this dream and the related earthquake, visit: 7.8 Indonesia Earthquake of November 17, 2008.

Does the 7.1 shown below in the Dream of September 30, 2008 mean that USGS will further downgrade this earthquake to 7.1?

Dream of October 8, 2008 about a statement being made that would calm global financial markets might have come true today with the announcement of New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy F. Geithner as the new Treasury Secretary to replace Henry Paulson. Stocks rose some 500 points on the news. We had said that when stock prices hit the 7000 range on the Dow that this would be the best time to buy since we may never see these stock prices again in American history. According to the Wall Street Journal, "New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy F. Geithner is to be nominated as President-elect Barack Obama's Treasury secretary, according to a person close to the transition process. The Federal Bureau of Investigation began calling Geithner confidants this week, starting a vetting process of getting Fed veteran in place almost as soon as Mr. Obama is inaugurated the 44th president."

Dream of October 4, 2008 stating that "$__ will never be seen again in American History" may relate to the $700 billion bailout of financial institutions!

According to the Dreams of May 14, 2008, the housing market will come back when:-

"At some point in time, the banks must give everything in deeds to the land owners. The housing industry must be restarted with the construction of homes in Arizona."

We received reports today from a real estate source that construction of new homes has started in the State of Arizona. Does this mean that the housing market will come back as soon as spring or summer 2009? We are optimistic that this will be the case.

On the Stock Market our projections are unbelievably optimistic. We believe and have said before that the Dow would reach 12500 by year-end or by January 2009 before or soon after the Obama inauguration on January 20, 2009. People who carefully select and purchase stocks now are likely to earn strong short term capital capital gains by year-end.

Let's watch these housing and stock market developments over the next 6 weeks and comment on these comments later on in the year or in January 2009.

October 13, 2008
1:59 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume II Aurora1313 USA

October 1, 2008
- Manager of Public Finance - No way!

- ... says one member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

October 3, 2008
- A person holding the leash of two dogs made out of concrete that were animated and moving.

- A car speeds down from the north towards an intersection and comes to almost a dead stop while a red vehicle traveling westward (-->) crosses in front of it. (A major accident had been averted?)

- Let the system purge itself. Let the truth come out!

- Don't want to distract from the essence of meeting here.

- Preston John!

- She makes it look darn easy!

October 4, 4008
- $__ will never be seen again in American History.

- There is a war going on right now in Tehran.

- White glowing incandescence light bulb with very bright glowing light!

- Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th president of the United States amongst cheering crowds and hysteria.

- Bright glowing light bulb with a very bright visible glow seen very clearly.

- They know exactly where their vehicle is and they know exactly how to come and get it.

October 8, 2008
- Dreamt that a statement was made and published on the web in order to calm financial markets and that when the statement was issued financial markets were calmed.

- Walls of a factory where things are made are buckling, about to cave in upon itself. The inside bricks of the factory wall were being gutted out revealing an outer layer of bricks that faced the outside. Internal structural reinforcement is needed immediately to secure the building to prevent it from caving in upon itself.

- It's like a cancer, it eats away at the base of the financial system or stock.

- Walls of a factory where things are made are buckling in upon itself about to cave in and collapse (CHINA?).

- Behind the business card given was stripped away revealing a message or spying activity.

- The Age of Enlightenment has begun!

September 30, 2008
10:13 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume II Aurora1313 USA

September 30, 2008
- 5.5 magnitude earthquake occurring somewhere on the west coast of North America possibly from Baja, California to San Francisco. Possible date: October 13-15, 2008.

- 7.1

- Two large orange USGS earthquake boxes seen along with a much bigger yellow one somewhere in the South Pacific region that could be anywhere from Indonesia to Australia region. The key is that two earthquakes will occur within 24 hours from each other after a major earthquake occurs within less than a seven day period. Using these parameters we can identify these earthquakes when they occur. Projected date: Anytime from now to the next the end of 2008. October 13-15, 2008 are possibilities.

- Traditional glass-metal kerosene country lamp having a bright broad glowing flame sitting on a rock near the sea that is positioned behind the back of a man who turns and puts his hand on the lamp.

- Two people (African-Americans?) in silhouette taking a bow.

- They are going to have to (put up????) or risk the whole country.

- Big bright statement in fancy white elongated letters slides in from the left where only one word was focused on and identified: THORST

- I just got the UN message, we are leaving the islands today and we are not coming back!

September 26 , 2008
4:40 PM, EST
Dreams in Recent Past - Volume II Aurora1313 USA

These dream notations or flashes represent a series of dreams occurring from April 2008 to September 25, 2008 that are too numerous to post individually in the Journal.


APRIL 2, 2008
- We have been given a perverted and corrupted version of the sciences of the gods; one that will ultimately lead to our own self destruction.

APRIL 3, 2008
- That is why I need numbers, you can't talk to a man like that.

APRIL 8, 2008
- God of the Host of Heaven

APRIL 10, 2008
- A lot of people gets paid millions of dollars, then it goes out.

- Many people don't get it and only really on one source of dimension for information.

APRIL 11, 2008
- UFO suspended in space looking like a bubble or upside down star fish or golden toasted crush of dough with lights.

APRIL 12, 2008
- It is just at having birth - the human race.

- A source light or shaft of energy going up.

APRIL 14, 2008
- Compound interest.

APRIL 17, 2008
- The Belt of Ulantis, somewhere between Mars and Saturn

APRIL 21, 2008
- Turned the Dream note pad to find that instead of a blank page the following page was already filled with dream write-ups.

APRIL 23, 2008
- Large USGS orange earthquake square box on map of a large land mass looking like the northeast corner of North America.

APRIL 28, 2008
- Two earthquakes on the strip of Alaska.

APRIL 29, 2008
- Eclipse between the Sun and the Moon - bright light in the sky.

APRIL 30, 2008
- Major earthquake in Western China, north of India, at the center of Euro-Asia region (7.27).

MAY 1, 2008
USGS Earthquake boxes at the southeast corner of the circle near the North Pole in the Arctic Circle between 60-120 degrees West.

MAY 10, 2008
- Deluge Strikes New York City

MAY 14, 2008
- At some point in time, the banks must give everything in deeds to the land owners.

- The housing industry must be restarted with the construction of homes in Arizona.

MAY 20, 2008
- Underground network newsletter exists that set certain specific unchangeable dates when different things will be implemented.

MAY 21, 2008
- Big One: Earthquake in Rochester, New York during the Big One in San Francisco Bay Area.

JUNE 3, 2008
- Map of Indian showing only green areas, not the northern mountain ranges that borders China.

JUNE 10, 2008
- Host of evil people on the back of a flat carrier being pulled by a horse.

- The verse, evil will be reversed as well.

- A scene as if taken from the French Revolution. The left of the scene stood a man, the right was filled with bright light. (Posted November 21, 2008: A similar scene was placed on the web just before the November 4th US presidential election entitled Les Mesbarack)

JUNE 14, 2008
- A line or shaft floating from the sea into the sky. A set of clouds hang overhead.

JUNE 22, 2008
- A square hole in the top of the skull and a square plug being used to fix it.

- Some shall die at the Yucatan Peninsula. (Posted November 21, 2008: Tropical Storm Arthur happened earlier on May 31, 2008)

JUNE 28, 2008
- Pyramid in the center of a spoke wheel (medicine wheel) spinning. Everything spinning...

JULY 2, 2008
- At '0' BC (that is the start of 1 AD), the evolutionary development of man stopped and the accumulation of knowledge began, which part of the reason why the ancients restarted the calendar. During the Age of Aquarius, which has already begun, knowledge and wisdom will be gained intuitively from dreams and visions, and through the aide of astrology and no longer through data analyses and accumulation. (Posted November 21, 2008: See paper written November 3, 2008 entitled: OBAMA IN SAPTARISHIS ASTROLOGY: The Age of Aquarius)

- The gods who initiated or aided our development left and those that did not leave mixed completely with the human kind or died out. There was to be no more guidance of man through the worship of a "God" or "Goddesses". Man was on his own.

- The first thing that man tried to do after the gods left was to consolidate power. This was done by re-directing conquered people and races under a new single godhead of the state and that of your own. Man was going to make civilization into his own image - that being his distinction between god and men. Royal or godly blood is now fully disseminated throughout all the races.

- Race, people, cultures, science, philosophy and religion, the Age of Pisces had begun. (Posted November 21, 2008: See paper written November 3, 2008 entitled: OBAMA IN SAPTARISHIS ASTROLOGY: The Age of Aquarius)

- Religion no longer appeals to the educated and higher classes of our societies; it is now for the vain, the weak, the emotional and those who accept anything as truth without proper investigation of its source, truthfulness, value or meaning. Religion has become the symbol of class and societal identification not a redeemer of the soul. Today, you can be a very spiritual and religious person and not care for your brother, not feed the poor, not shelter the homeless, not care for the aged or sick, not care for trees, plants, animals, birds and fishes of the seas, because your responsibilities for human compassion building activities have been taken over by the state through taxation, and god help the State that does not collect enough taxes to take care of its people.

- The result is a lost of human dignity and destruction of man's soul who now lives day to day waiting for the next pay check lacking a sense of purpose or mission.

- Driving on the rim of a crater to get to a hillside hotel - part of the crater road on the rim had fallen away.

JULY 4, 2008
- A pair of hands molding the Earth into the shape it wants it to be. It was like a potter moving clay from one section of a ball to another, clearing away all the muddy stuff. Two hands were at work on the Earth. One after the other moved stuff that might have been wet.

- Dental syringe applying novocain to mouth.

JULY 5, 208
- April 13th.

JULY 9, 2008
- With respect to the reduction of carbon emissions, the Earth can cleanse itself; it does not need the help of man to rid itself of its problems. That process has already begun.

- For those who do not believe that the Earth has its own soul, consciousness and intelligence as a god, think again! From whom else have we attained these attributes if they did not already reside within the Earth. Woe unto the unbelievers! You were warned by many cultures, saints and protectors whom you wantonly slay and destroyed and upon whose blood you build your Empire even within the past 400 years, which for the Earth is only a speck of time, less than a second in your time. The Earth can wait, but man cannot wait.

- Angeles of death, harbinger of man made catastrophe and destruction, they serve the wishes of an evil Lord, whose blessings they seek on a Sunday, Saturday or Friday.

- The fact that regulation is needed for capitalist institutions to be successful is recognition of the fact that it is its own worst enemy that lacks foundation or basis in natural laws.

- There is always a thin line between capitalism and communism, which the modern practice of reverse socialism has revealed - that of pumping billion of dollars of taxpayers' money into failing financial, banking and manufacturing companies. A culture of anger and hate was the only things that separated these two systems, what else can the British or American, who are truly one and the same, now point to!

- India is afraid to resurrect it's past for fear that it will conflict with its future. To fund translation and interpretation of ancient Sanskrit documents and empower the very forces that India's modern government have fought very hard to suppress since Partition under Gandhi. This was to be a grave mistake and catastrophe for how else shall the Western world now see us. (note: "us")

- It is ironic that the Americans see the Chinese as their enemy whom they make love to every night! Its a question of spousal abuse. How can you screw the Chinese every night and wake up in the morning and call her bitch!

- The problem with the Americans today is that they do not see themselves. And because of this they think that they are the world. True to Western thought and philosophy, they isolate themselves into believing that no other planet or life forms exists in the universe. They stand alone searching for themselves while the world looks on and oftentimes moves on as well. And if there are islands in the Caribbean Sea, name them.

JULY 11, 2008
- New York City building with lights in a crisscross Union Jack fashion. This was either lights, white stripes or bands on the building.

JULY 12, 2008
- ... about knowing Vedic astrology very well.

JULY 13, 2008
- The number: 256

- Large wave moving on-shore coming into land.

- I was on a ship or boat that was docked at bay. I had just entered the boat. Other people were on the boat as well. We looked out to see an explosion of water going high up above the sea level like a big round bubble. When we saw the bubble, everyone knew we had to run for higher grounds. The government had exploded a bomb underwater and did not tell anyone and the wave of the underground bomb created tsunami.

JULY 16, 2008
- Wind: 129 mph

JULY 19, 2008
- Silly, giggling, laughing character who comes out to meet people talking about psychic method.

- Giraffe licking the side face of a horse making the horse laugh.

- Navy officer dressed in military uniform facing east (<-left) tips hat in front of face.

- Man wearing dark glasses that have swirling green hypnotizing psychedelic circles that looks like galaxies in suspension - these swirls were hurricanes.

JULY 22, 2008
- Turning globe turns into a Big Eye watching all.

- At a hotel - many floors above. Tremendous massive thunder broke. Then a tremendous powerful canon shot went off from sea, but the Navy ship was not seen.

- Two crescent Moon forming a circle with a truck driving through the center.

JULY 25, 2008
- A flying bird or pigeon which at first seems to have a second head as it took off. (Russia??)

- They say children may end up dead!

- Roads wet and glossy from recent rains.

JULY 26, 2008
- Washington, DC should be used as the center of the world map. - for world astrological analyses???

JULY 28, 2008
- A vehicle driving off hit the side of the vehicle for it to stop. The person driving the vehicle turned around. It is the face of a skeleton - bone structure covered in hair. The skeleton face is not a creature of this planet. It is long and bony like a goat's face with ivory looking and deep inset eyes.

- A guy shakes his right hand in the air in hip hop style.

JULY 30, 2008
- A.R.E. at Virginia Beach.

- I see 14 different thunder storms.

JULY 31, 2008
- There can be no doubt that the morals of the Global American Empire are worst than Rome's.

- Ants of different color and sizes: one large black, one small black and one copper color.

AUGUST 2, 2008
- Motorcade led by group of people, bikers and long line of black limousines coming around a corner as if covered by a camera.

- When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desire will come your way.

- Nostradamus (...understanding Nostradamus?)

AUGUST 3, 2008
- Saw an energy vortex starting from small extending all the way up into the sky covering 1/4 of the Earth.

AUGUST 4, 2008
- A very strong storm with tornado like high winds strikes NY-NJ tri-state area in the middle of the night while a lot of people sleep on the floor.

AUGUST 7, 2008
- A whirlwind over the open bay or gulf area.

- A row of cars with headlights on making a left turn. (left turns are spiritual direction)

- Three $1 bills open like a fan.

AUGUST 8, 2008
- It's done in August.

AUGUST 14, 2008
- Me saying, "such an earthquake," then stopped, nothing else was said!

- Flooding of a park or street, perhaps in Las Vegas.

AUGUST 15, 2008
- A portrait of Vishnu in black and white riding on a cloud posturing while drinking from a jar or being taken from the Earth.

- The churches cannot save us because the churches are empty themselves of what religion used to be.

- India is not better off than the Western world, perhaps worst, holding onto fragment thoughts and remnants of how it used to be.

AUGUST 16, 2008
- A small nuclear device going off somewhere.

- To be a good or strong politician you must possess or exhibit strong reptilian behavior.

- There is nothing special or divine about the human form. We are just flesh and blood sharing a planet with all the other creatures of the Earth.

- A unique sword with a chrome base that extends out like a radio antennae.

- And I don't like comedian. No. You people are not going to go.

AUGUST 17, 2008
- Man walking forward with an extremely tall conical hat. Head piece covered in cloth not knowing if his head is that tall indeed or just a ceremonial cap.

- A school of men all dressed in Black (two rows) all reflecting or representing differing schools of thought, clan and social structure.

AUGUST 18, 2008
- Shell of a large brick building. Just the brick walls standing. No roofs, no interior of huge square building. Some bricks falls from the wall to the ground. (This dream turned out to be about Russia bombing of S. Ossita, Georgia as seen on television on August 21, 2008 at about 7:19 PM (perhaps CNN).)

- ABC TV logo symbol, graphic or art work seen and nothing else.

AUGUST 20, 2008
- Big beautiful black bow tie on a regular collar while shirt. (This was later seen on a young Black news reporter on CNN about a week or so ago in mid-September 2008.)

- Clearly saw the smoke of a nuclear explosion billowing into the sky. It had three stages or structure with orange, gold and dark areas.

- Six pictures taken of the Mid-West showing different situations used in the media for disinformation, camouflage and propaganda.

- Sent to get water produced by a certain bull. Got there to find people swimming or bathing in a large huge lake pool of water with the bull swimming in the center. The lake is covered fully in ice, but people enjoy the water not feeling the cold ice. Got the water and left. (Could this bull be the celestial bull from the Age of Taurus?)

- A child falls on the concrete near a street corner, gets up and falls again. A man coming from around the corner crossing the street almost steps on the child.

- Baked yellow pie/casserole in a long rectangular pyrex dish pushed across the table with pineapples, sweet red peppers on top.

AUGUST 21, 2008
- Some overpass on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge needs to be extended by 1". That the stirrup - tower of the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge needs work and renovation.

AUGUST 25, 2008
- Pendulum swings from north northwest to south south east direction.

- Something about a certain type of current or activity in the seas and oceans that occurred in the past that had stopped and now reappears again. This activity indicates larger earthquakes and tsunamis.

AUGUST 26, 2008
- Someone holds a hand gun in marks man style position with both hands blocking his face aiming straight ahead.

AUGUST 27, 2008
- Collapse!

- From out of nowhere is seen a leafless tree in the center of a garden with dry broken branches with some of the most beautiful flowers in the world: pink, red and all other colors.

- All the other screens are full, almost solid black in color, opaque, as we scan from one large television screen to another from left to right -->. Hillary is last to the right -->; she is about to speak at the podium with a television screen directly behind her. Her screen is half full. The bottom lower section of the image on the television screen that is directly behind Hillary is checkered, somewhat broken up, unlike the others seen to the left <--.

- An 8"X8"X35" long rectangular box is being pulled off a upper shelf where larger rectangular boxes are located.

- Eddie Murphy, young, bald, going around in a circle skipping in and out of a bunch of people all going around in a circle. He wears a tall green Pharaoh's or Pope's hat indicating triple crown.

- A gay person in Australia is beaten into the ground.

- Poured water from a crystal jug which turns into a cup of black coffee filled to the brim.

- Isn't this just impossible!

- A hand with a glistering ring on it pushes out from the top of a bedroom door.

- Political arrogance, blunt contradiction.

- Two people asking questions to get answers saying, "it will take more double talk to get answers."

- The Congress produced 72 to win...

- Co-destiny, co-destiny, co-destiny.

- Tony Blair.

- A bunch of people smiling ceaselessly.

AUGUST 27, 2008
- The man threw his tool on board the huge space aircraft and pulled himself into the rear portal up into the spacecraft.

AUGUST 30, 2008
- USGS Earthquake box. Colorado knows how to deal with this.

- Big fat 300 lb Black woman coming down from the top of a stadium being cheered by an audience of clapping hands.

- The whole Gulf set ablaze. The oil fields burn on water. Tremendous fire on water. Seen as flames on the map outlining the oil fields.

- Irish woman and a full group of related people - one Black - visiting America from England with magical powers.

- A cross made of thick fine sparkling diamonds and blue jewelry on a very short chain.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008
- Nozzle of a Sniper's rifle camouflaged with round brown cardboard tubing sticks out near the ground of a sharp decline or cliff where tall pine trees come close to the road that is on a curve.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2008
- Explosion of a building.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2008
- If people offer you things and you accept it, it is a divine curse.

- Hard to lose money on this one: McCain.

- After a hurricane they come. These people, they have the ability to rebuild cities.

- Look, just watch.

- No one can deny the tsunami struck!

SEPTEMBER 23, 2008
- The rule is that there are 27 levels from the center of the Earth to the outer atmospheric levels.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2008
- I assume it is to dream the impossible dream.

- In just one weekend.

- The rest of the economy is fundamentally strong.

- The impact would be wonderful!

- All dreams are one dream.

- Thorough investigations are underway.

- That's the point, you know exactly what to do and you do it.

- We say no to the bail out package. (Posted November 21, 2008: This advice was not heeded by Congress for financial institutions but they may do so for the Big 3 automakers.)

- Somebody's face burnt on the right side with a blow torch.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2008
- Myth is more powerful than reality.