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June 17, 2008
12:05 PM, EST
Deluge Strikes New York City Aurora1313 USA

This dream occurred on Saturday, May 10, 2008.

Dreamt that I was working on the 60th floor of a sky tower in Manhattan in New York City. I was at the northwestern quadrant (upper left hand side) of that floor. I was wearing a white shirt (perhaps a tie), no jacket, dark slacks. In the dream, I felt uncomfortable being on this floor; it was too high. The window was a solid piece of tall, flat, strong glass that went from ceiling to floor with no partition or separation in the glass that allowed for an unobstructive view of the outside, but I do not recall seeing any buildings or scenery outside of this window; it was a blank view. I do remember sensing in the dream that the floor was made of a concrete slab that was collapsible unto the other floors below. The dream jumped, perhaps to the next day. I was now standing at the northeastern corner of the 60th floor on the upper right hand side by the window, perhaps operating a copy machine. I looked outside the tall, strong, flat, ceiling-to-floor glass window to see a sea of dirty brown water that was as high as the 60th floor of the building. It was a tsunami or flood of some sort. I knew no one could survive this catastrophe, including myself. This was it! It’s over! No escape!

The dream might have pointed to the Crane that collapsed in New York City on May 30, 2008 that involved a very tall building on the Upper East Side, but this dream was about a flood of brown dirty water not a collapse.

Another interpretation is that is might be referring to all the floods that we have been witnessing in May and June to date. Today, the levee on the Mississippi River broke causing massive flooding in Illinois. The Mid-West has been experiencing massive flooding as well that started in early June. The states affected are Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Dangerous floods hit Southwest China yesterday as well (June 16, 2008); 57 people died and millions were left homeless.

Since 2008 started we have had many floods. On June 12, 2008, floods killed 5 people and left thousands homeless in Mexico. On June 3, 2008, at least 7 people were killed in Belize caused by floods triggered by Tropical Storm Arthur. Floods destroyed 100 villages in India more than two weeks ago on May 29, 2008. 16 Died in floods in Colombia on that same date as well.

13 people died in floods in Southeastern USA on March 19, 2008. USAToday reported that “Record or near-record flood crests were forecast at several towns in Missouri. Flooding was reported in large areas of Arkansas and parts of southern Illinois, southern Indiana and southwestern Ohio, and schools were closed in parts of western Kentucky because of flooded roads.”

Here in northeastern USA, we have had some flooding but all were minor compared to what has been happening elsewhere and around the world. Should New York and the northeast states prepare for or expect massive flooding in 2008 is the million dollar question?

Nevertheless, it seems as if 2008 is the year for floods. During January and February we have had heavy floods in Indonesia, Philippines and Peru. In January and February 2008, 57 people were reported dead and 34,000 left homeless due to monsoon rains in Indonesia. A low pressure system brought heavy rains in the Philippines in February 2008 which forced the evacuation of some 21,000 people leaving 14 dead and 7 missing. Torrential rains overflowed rivers in Peru on February 7, 2008 killing at least 20 people. The floods washed away roads and bridges and left many people homeless and stranded.

Many people on this web site have been dreaming about big waves, floods, sea level rising, hurricanes and tsunamis. Some have dreamt of a tsunami or flood hitting New York City or San Francisco that covered parts of high buildings and bridges. If these dreams are a precursor of the future, then it would seem that floods, rising sea levels and tsunami may be more prevalent this year than at other times.