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February 17, 2008
10:08 PM, EST
Most Beautiful Business Card in the World Aurora1313 USA

This dream occurred today late in the morning hours and lasted far less than a second.

Dreamt that I saw a business card printed in a vertical position instead of the traditional horizontal lay out. This was the most beautiful business card that I have ever seen, almost as if it was not from this planet, yet the lay out and design was very simple. Crop circle design comes to mind to give a sense of the symmetry, proportion, design, lay out and style of the business card. At the top of the business card was a rectangular box with many small squares filling up the box in emerald green and other colors. The squares were very small, perhaps a hundred or more in this small rectangular space at the top of the business card. Below the emerald green logo-type rectangular box was multi-colored script showing information that I could not read because the dream flash imagery occurred so fast and went by very quickly. I did not have the opportunity to read or figure out what was written in the text of the business card that was positioned at the middle to bottom of the vertical business card. However, this text was in different colors and was also very beautiful as well. The text was below the emerald green rectangular box. To the right of the multicolored text was the letter “M.” The letter M was large in size and proportion to the rest of the business card. The M was oversized and was very prominently displaced on the right side of the business card. The M looked like the M in the golden arches of McDonalds. However, this M was bright blood red and was also very beautiful.

Since a business card was seen in the dream flash image, we can safely assume that business or the business world is involved.

The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. In numerology, 13 is expressed as 1+3 = 4; hence, the number 4 is also very important. From this, we know that “Metaphysical” energies that start with the letter M are involved and are definitely at work. M is for movies, mother, metaphysics, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana to name states in the USA. Some countries include Madagascar, Malawi, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mauritius, Micronesia southeast of Japan, Mongolia and Myanmar. Some cities include Montreal, Mandeville and Miami. People names include Maurice, Michael, Max, Monica, Mary, Mandela and Marian. Planets in the solar system include Mercury, Mars and the Moon. M is also for money, which could mean the monetary system. Colors include Maroon, Magenta, Mustard and Mauve.

Aaron Rents, Inc. CL-A is the 13th listed company in alphabetical order on the New York Stock Exchange trading as RNTA at $17.35 at close on Friday, February 15, 2008 at a volume of 300.

M & F Worldwide Corporation is the first company listed under the letter M on the New York Stock Exchange. Its symbol is MFW. MFW last trade is $34.76 on Friday, Feb 15, 2008 at a volume of 107,789.

The 13th company on the New York Stock Exchange in alphabetical order under the letter M is Macy’s, Inc., a company that I know very well. The NYSE symbol for Macy’s is M. The company closed at $25.38 on Friday, February 15, 2008 on a volume of 16 million shares. Given this information, I strongly suspect that this dream may be about Macy’s.

We should look at what will happen to these stocks or other events involving the letter M 13 days from today.

Thirteen days from today falls on Saturday, MARCH 1, 2008, which is close to the NYSE close date of Friday, FEBRUARY 29, 2008, which is a leap year.

13 business days from tomorrow falls on Wednesday, MARCH 5, 2008.

The 13th week from today falls on Sunday, APRIL 13, 2008. (April is the 4th month of the year!)

Thirteen months from today fall on Tuesday, MARCH 17, 2009.

The only day of the week starting with the letter M is Monday.

The months of the year that start with the letter M are MARCH and MAY.

The week of Monday, MARCH 3rd - 5th 2008 seems to be a key date to watch with respect to the performance of these stocks and other “M” occurring events.

We should closely watch Macy’s stock and operations over the next 13 days, weeks and months. The impact may be good or bad, but good is mostly expected based on the strongly positive tone and imagery of the dream.

In addition, we should watch for expression of the color GREEN and the meaning of the color GREEN as well. Green is for regeneration and growth and also for envy. Green also represents money in terms of regeneration. Green represents the deep forest versus the tree and is said to be the natural color of the Sun if seen without its bright sun light. Green Kryptonite destroys Superman, the state of our super technologies and modern scientific culture.

February 26, 2008
4:32 PM, EST
Most Beautiful Business Card in the World Aurora1313 USA

Billy B says:

I like what you have interpreted from your dream. I would see this in a different way. I would say what you saw was the future National Id card. It’s not a business card but a smart card that will be required to do business. The colors and the beauty of the card tells me that this card will be widely admired. It’s color shows it’s mystical-technological features. The Green does mean money and this card will be required to conduct all business to both buy or sell, Its also is green for the classic microchips we see on computer mother boards. That little rectangle with smaller squares are tiny processor chips or something. This card is alive and tracked (gps) and is what is about to be put to the people in America very soon. The letter “M” Well that is easy. “M” is for MAN or human (Because M is the zodiac symbol of Virgo-therefore woMan is included) and it’s blood red. This card will one day be surgerically implanted in the RIGHT hand of a Man-therefore the blood red color. Also as a bad omen Red is the color of hell. You can’t read the writing because it is encryptic. You’ll hear more about this on the news late this year perhaps in late August or Mid September. 13…unlucky. This card is not good but it will be portrayed as the best thing for Men. Card=Slavery=damnation

March 1, 2008
6:49 AM, EST
Most Beautiful Business Card in the World Aurora1313 USA


Thank you Billy B.

This is an awesome interpretation that is beyond my wildest dream, but very accurate and very much “on the money”.

The business card was seen or envisioned as being from outside of this world; it was from another planet or area in the galaxy, which could also mean that much of the technology that is being developed and used by the global scientific community on planet earth today (which is the advanced development of Hitler’s “secret” technology developed in an incredibly short period of 13 years during World War II) is not from this planet nor is the science and technology that we are using appropriate for this planet, and that their ultimate aim is the gradual reduction and destruction of ALL LIFE FORMS on planet earth, as well as the en-mass removal of the presence of the “divine spirit” that dwells within, that is truly apart of all life forms on planet earth, including animals, birds, trees, water and fishes. What we are witnessing, for those who have eyes to see and an ear to hear, is a silent, deadly yet passive form of invasion and destruction of ALL LIFE FORMS on planet earth to eventually be replaced by something else, something that does not use, support or connect to the “divine spirit” that dwells within, which “comes from” (lack of a better word) the foundation of the cosmos, universe and truly beyond … THAT IS is outside of human scope or the mental faculities of man to understand, comprehend or articulate.

Electricity is a lower form of this “new energy source” that will replace life on the earth. A more powerful, NON-SPIRIT form of electricity shall make its debut and manifest soon on planet earth - perhaps as early as the end of this year, when electricity too shall be replaced giving way to this greater, mechanical, power-giving, “spirit depressing and destroying”, artificial “life” force!

STOCK MARKET DECLINE ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2008 - see dream interpretation above!
The stock market went into a free fall yesterday closing at 259 points lower than the previous day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average bottomed out as well falling by a massive 316 points in one day closing at 12,226. Traders are worried that these trends will continue and carry over into Monday’s trading activity, possibly creating a Black Monday, but I don’t think so.

MARS ENTERS CANCER, MARCH 4, 2008; 3:24 AM, EST - Tropical Zodiac
We know that attention will be on the domestic economy after March enters Cancer on March 4, 2008. My prediction, not based on dreams but rather on sound fundamental analyses, is that the Federal Reserve System will have no choice but to raise interest rates over the next 4 - 12 months period in order to protect a falling, greatly deteriorating dollar, focusing attention once more on long term economic objectives vis-à-vis “fighting inflation”, something that the Fed took its eyes off, which is estimated “informally” to have grown 10-15% over the past two months in the US domestic economy alone. We will watch political and economic trends and developments very closely over the next four days until after the Texas and Ohio Democratic primaries on Tuesday, March 4, 2004.